Monday, April 25, 2016


Hello! Here I am in Eberetta Argentina.  I'm currently sitting on top of an air conditioner outside and it's nice and.....oh no I just got bird poop on my pants.  I'm sitting outside and it's nice and cold.  There's a big storm and it's cooled down.  3 days ago I was walking down the main road, preaching the gospel and then I saw this white stuff right in front of my face and then I looked down on my tie and it was bird poop.  Crappy hahaha.  Another good week, I didn't even step foot in my area until Thursday, we had a division.  Some Elders here in Iberetta were having baptisms and I'm district leader so I had to interview them.  That was really fun, we walked a ton.  The 2 people that got baptized were actually Indians.  There's Indian tribes in this part of Argentina and they live 45 minutes from the city.  It would be walking the road from our house past the hospital to Salem, nice and long on a dirt road.  They have a little church there so that was fun. 

Wednesday we received some bad news that G passed away.  He'd been sick for 2-3 weeks and he had an appendicitis and he couldn't recover from it.  He was only 22.  The week he got sick was the same week that he was going to get married which is really sad but I guess that's how it was supposed to be.  N (his girlfriend) disappeared, we heard that she went to a different providence called San Luis.  That was really sad but we know that Jesus Christ overcame death.  

We did some service this week, we went over to a less active member and we painted her daughter's room.  We put the first coat on and we'll put the next coat on this week.  It's cold here 55 degrees.  We were talking with some other Elders from Utah and when it's 55 degrees outside people are outside in shorts and sun tanning but here it feels cold.

We had a really good week.  This week we worked a lot.  We are working hard with Alfredo.  We found some new people name Sand V, they are sweet, they always give us food.  We went to some member and taught them.  Dora and Catalina are doing good,  Dora is going to get baptized in 3 weeks.  She wants to get baptized the same week as her birthday so we can't tell her no.  We're also working with this guy name Arion, he had us over for a BBQ yesterday.  The work is good, I really do love it and I love you guys too.

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