Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Well I can easily this was the best week when it came to teaching, Me and ol EIder Harris and the spirit made 2 moms cry, and got some more people to accept a baptismal date. This week we met a family, the Guato family. They have three kids who are all super cool and the mom who told us that the Catholic Church just doesn’t feel right. Aka she’s gold. So we have been teaching their family a lot this week. We had the most spiritual lesson with them. We started talking about the plan of salvation, which it was ok but I felt like something was missing. So I said a little prayer in my heart. The next thing you know Elder Harris shared a scripture and I shared my testimony and boom she was crying. We asked them if they want to get baptized and they said ya... I still to this day have no idea what we said. But the spirit is a real homie and helped us out a ton.  I also had an interview with President Franco. The man is soooo loving. Anyways he complimented me on my Spanish soooo pretty much up in the big leagues now. After the interview we took a bus an hour and a half back to our area. Without AC wow it was hotter than a dugout of summer ball. I seriously somehow fell asleep and when I woke up I was completely drenched. But don’t worry I showered. Other than that this week was full of a lot of finding knew people. Me and E Harris started really trying to use the tips in preach my gospel on how to begin teaching...... and wow that book is better than a grand slam. You wouldn’t believe the type of miracles we had the opportunity to see and the people we were able to find. Home runs bro.  

You know this week I’ve been reading 3 Nephi in the book of Mormon when Jesus comes. I really am excited for Jesus to come again. Sure it might be intense. But like the book of Mormon says that the righteous need not worry. I really want to prepare for that day. Sure you can say that this is really a cliché thing for a missionary to say but really that’s the reason why we are here on earth, to prepare to meet God. And sometimes living in the world there are so many distractions.   I’m soo grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary. I love it so much....... Like baseball  and my family and all my friends. And while I’m at it shout out to all my missionary friends.

To Dad: One of the things that I really have learned on my mission is just how much drugs and alcohol tears families apart. It’s terrible. And thank for the help with the less actives. They are soooo hard to reactivate because the know it’s true but the just don’t want to go. Hey thank you for everything love you!

To Mom: Ya people here in the mission are focused a lot on the numbers. How many baptisms.... how many months... how many months I’ve been a leader. I really don’t want to get sucked into this number game because it’s really is so much more than that. And ya my number one pet peeve is when people pretend to be people they are not. And for that I will always be Tanner Simmons. It’s cool to hear you guys are having missionary experiences too. This Sunday we had 20 people tell us that they were going to go to church and none of them showed up. Me and elder Harris literally had the most spiritual week with the investigators but the hard part is we can drag them to church. They have to choose. I’ll make sure to send you guys some mail like once a month or so. And ya we have a lot of people praying for us. Anyways love you tons. Miss you thanks for everything!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

SnapBacks and Barrio Toba

Another week in the heart of Argentina. And let me tell you that the heart of it is really hot. Like 110 degrees with 80 percent humidity hot. Parental discretion advised for this next sentence, because it’s kind of gross. It’s so hot that I literally swim in my own sweat to all our appointments. But don’t worry girls I shower, and my companion tells me I smell good soooooo :) This week we did a lot of work with a recent convert, he just got baptized and he literally thinks that the gospel is better than sliced bread, which first off the gospel IS better than sliced bread, second off sliced bread doesn’t exist here.   He took us to every single one of his family members so we had a ton of lessons and new investigators. Hopefully we can really help them come unto Christ. We also have been working with a less member active named Oscar he’s like 21.  2 weeks ago he was really drunk and got in a fight and it turned out really ugly. Just like a lot of things do with drinking and drugs.  We later had a lesson with him and the spirit was stronger than Spencer Steck.   Shout out to him if he’s reading this. We invited him to prepare to receive the Aaronic priesthood. That was 6 days ago and he has now gone 5 days without drinking or smoking and came back to church where the bishop had an opportunity to give him a priesthood blessing of strength. The kid is a stud. Other than that I’ve been trying to speak Spanish find new people to teach, be obedient and have a little fun. This week we had a lunch with a less active member, and after talking for a little while he randomly told Elder Harris that he could have two alligator skins. Ya real alligator skin!   It still has little chunks of alligator meat on it.  He brought them home and  put them on our plush tile floors and it smelled awful. I’ll give you a comparison. Those of you that know Salem Hills, know that in the spring the soccer field is a swamp. And it smelled like my soccer cleats after playing a whole season with them in the mud. It stunk. But ya anyways we have alligator chilling in the house. I Skype'd home yesterday (because it was mother’s day in Argentina)  :) I had an hour but it literally felt like 6 minutes.

 I miss my family a ton, but I know what I’m doing is what I’m supposed to be doing.  We are all on this earth to learn and grow, to make decisions. And this is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m loving every minute.

Much Love From  Elder Tanner Matthew Simmons

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bunk Beds


We made bunk beds in our pension. It was the non-proselyting (yes I know I spelled that wrong I speak two languages so lay off) highlight of my week. Then we moved our desk into the same room, All because it’s the only room with AC and it's hot. 

Anyways this week has been really good; it’s the start of a new transfer so we got all new missionaries basically in our zone. Elder Harris and I are still in good ol Clorinda 6,  (Which just happens to be the smallest area in our mission. I found that out :)  The work this week was pretty good. We got to set a date for baptism with an older Lady named Romona. She is super pumped for baptism so we will see how that goes. We also had a little bit of a miracle this week too. A man moved into the house of the only members in our area.  He’s the brother of the Member. Anyways he is a member but his girlfriend isn't. We had a lesson with him where we invited him to receive the priesthood. (he has been really less active to say the least for a good time now.) And his girlfriend to be baptized and pretty much set a wedding date too.  I’m an Argentinian matchmaker. Kind of. We have been looking really hard for new members but it’s hard.   I gave a blessing in Spanish. That was cool. It works the same as in English as in Spanish. Words just come to you. Like girls come to my little brothers. Oh and for those of you that think I still can’t speak Spanish. News flash I can :) not super good. But just so you know, if I got stranded here because of a flood like the one that happened to Noah  I could make my way around. That was a bad example but you get what I’m saying. And I’m forgetting English words left and right. Like the other week I couldn’t remember the word Bratwurst. I think that is how you spell it. I don’t know.

This week I’ve really been thinking about the book of Mormon. I was thinking I’m literally in the middle of nowhere for a book. How crazy. But the truth is I know that it’s true. And it’s crazy how much it can bless our lives. I don’t know I was just pumped up about it. And everything Joseph Smith did too. I just know that the church is true. And I love the mish.
<3 Elder Simmons

The man got married and then baptized.  He needed a suit so I let him borrow mine.

Elder Brown , Aunt Rhonda's neighbor. It was funny the week after Rhonda asked me about him he transfered into my district.

Our new Zone

Q.  What time do your rise in the morning and go to bed every day?
A. I get up at 7 every day and go to bed at 11. The schedule is weird so we study during the hottest hours of the day to kind of protect us.

Q.  Are the Argentina kids in school, about the same schedule as us here? When’s their summer break?
A. Ya except there school is about to get out. And they have two sessions of school a day, One in the morning and one in the afternoon. They have a long lunch.

Q.  From your pictures it looks very poor, do people have cars or how do they get around?
A. Our area is the poorest of the whole town. It’s like a privilege to have a car here. But almost everyone gets around on little scooter things here. EVERYONE

Q. Do you guys get a cell phone or a land line?
A. We have a brick for a cell phone

Q. How often do transfers happen?  
A. every 6 weeks

Q. Do you like peanut butter?

A.  I do now

Monday, October 6, 2014


Hello ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, it’s been another good week south of the equator. This week we only had like 2 full days to work due to conference, paperwork, weddings, and baptisms but we saw some miracles in those two days we did work. So there is this Senora (for those of you that don’t speak Spanish that means old lady.) Anyways she was really sick, her side has been hurting for years now.  We gave her a blessing and in the blessing it was said that God was calling for her to return to his fold.  Anyways fast forward two or three days.  We go back to talk to her and it turns out that her husband that had passed away about 12 years ago(and had just got his temple work done,
by a daughter that’s a member), had come to her in a dream and said that if she wanted her side to be healed, that she should listen to the missionaries....... so she had told us that and then we just bore our testimonies of the truthfulness of this gospel.  The spirithit harder than macklemore 'the heist' album hit junior highs. Sorry if you don’t understand that metaphor. The spirit hit hard! that’s what I’m getting at. But then she didn't come to church....................................... it’s so hard to see people needing the gospel so much and then just simply blow it off.  Especially as good as conference weekend, dang agency.

Anyways we got to go into Resistencia this last week so I can actually be in Argentina legally, and we went to Walmart!!!! I felt like I was in the states again <3 I bought some peanut butter because it’s the only place you can buy that. 

 The Simmons family has a tradition, where we eat crepes every Sunday morning of general conference, and just cause I’m thousands of miles away doesn't mean I’m breaking that tradition. So i made some, but they turned out more like 'craps' than 'crepes', really they were awful.   They were awful. hahahah I don’t know what was wrong but it looked like overcooked oat meal and tasted worst. But it made our pension smell good.

Wasn’t conference great. I got a lot out of it. One thing that really stood out to me is when some dude was praying and he said 'we thank you for Joseph Smith, and all he did for eternity.
I would just like to bear testimony that I know Joseph Smith is a prophet that was called of God. And that he did restore this gospel once again in these later days that it will never be taken off the earth again. Not to get all heavy but I know that Jesus Christ is coming again so let us prepare the runway for his second coming for the fullness of his glory. Wow I just love this gospel. I love being a missionary. I love Spanish. I love my family, and my friends, and well everyone. Like the prophet said the essence of this gospel is love.
Well PEACE and LOVE until next week.........

<3 Elder Simmons

 Q.  What's been your interaction with the mission president so far?
A.  Interactions with the mission president. I had an interview with
him the first day I got here. Then he stopped by our pension on time
just to see how it’s going. Other than that I have shaken his hand 5 or
6 other times. President Franco is one of the most loving men I know,
In that little time we have talked I’ve felt it.

Q. Do you teach on Sundays?
A. after 6 on Sundays we work for a good three hours like every other day.

Q. What's the best way you've found to contact investigators?
A. I think the best way to find people is to go talk to people just
sitting outside drinking mate, or references from members. Mostly just
talking with everyone.

Q. Do you have a lot of inactive families?
A. We could honestly focus our whole mission here on just less active families
But the thing is they all heave a reason they aren’t going to church so
it’s hard to get them back. Most of them are offended by another
person. But like someone said in conference they stopped doing the
Gospel basics.

Q. What do people do for work in Clorinda?
A. Everything. everyone pretty much runs a little store out of there
house. a lot of the men are construction workers. there are  thousands
of little shops downtown people work at. Also there is this thing
called campo, its where people go harvest bananas in the middle of no
where or other such fruit.

Q. Was conference in English or Spanish for you?
A. i watched the very first session in Spanish. But to
tell you the truth I didn't really understand a lot. So me and some of
the other white missionaries, got on the computers in the church and
watched it in English and that was a lot better

I actually love these little questions. Cause here a lot of things that
are so normal to me that you probably want to know. Anyways I love you

guys stay safe. Love you mom. Thank you for everything.