Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I got transferred.... After 7 months of Rio Negro I finally had to leave.
I’m going to miss it but I’m looking forward to Formosa. I’m here with Elder Johnson..from Arizona a great Elder this is his last transfer of his mission and wants to end it good.  Basically we are going to do some work. As for what has happened in the last week, was a great week. We are still teaching N and she will be baptized... sadly I’m not going to be in Resistencia to see it but it’s all good because I’ll see here in the Celestial Kingdom... And we also found a new girl named I. She is super smart, but we gave her a Book of Mormon to read and instead of reading the Book of Mormon she just read every anti Mormon blog there is.... But for some reason she wants to keep listening to the missionaries..... and we taught her that she needs to put down the trash and ask God if it is true. She really wants to know. I figure she is going to receive an answer from God and get baptized. This week we gave three blessing and we blessed the sacrament in the house of a sick member. I forget how blessed we are to have the power of God here on earth.... It’s truly a great blessing. The feeling you get to use that power is indescribable... really like nothing else. I’m humbled and very grateful.

I would tell you about my new area but I haven’t touched it yet since I got here last night. We have a goal of 6 baptisms this transfer and we’re going to do everything we can to reach it. Since Elder Johnson is going home in 6 weeks he wants to get skinny so we are going to go all out every morning.

Anyways love you all <3 Elder Simmons

Monday, July 20, 2015


I remember lots of kids in our high school always complained about the Utah Bubble.... And how they wanted to leave... and well now that I'm very far away to the Utah bubble I realize how big of a blessing it is..... But the the members that don't live there aren't always so strong.... I really am walking around in the darkness of the world carrying a light but the people are so blind by the world by the world they don't recognize it. Reminds me of John 1:10 And it amazes me how the missionary work relies on a bunch of teenagers....

Words 7/13/15

Well I'll start out with something sad. There are some kids here in the Computer Lab that are like 7 and they are using a ton of bad words in English sad.. ohhh and I saw a 7 year old smoking..... It's a sad dark world.... I guess that's why I'm here to Declare the Light.

It was a solid week I guess. Some of the people we had started talking too started hearing rumors about the Mormons and they don't want to listen any more.... Moral of the story is don't listen to rumors. But
the good news of this week is that our investigator N wants to be baptized :) We had a solid lesson with here about Gods plan.. We asked her at the end if she believes the church is true and she said yes. One day she woke up and the wrong side of the bed and here boyfriend who is member invited her to read the scripture  and as they were reading the Book of Mormon she felt the love of god and her family and decided that its true.... From that day on she hasn't smoked. And they are talking out a date to get married :) It's likely I won't be here to see the baptism but it's all good because this isn't my work.  This week's game plan is to just expect Miracles... and pray for them too and we will see what is in store for us :)

Oh and I'm am going to complete a year this week..... Which is exciting and scary.. But luckily I have a full year more of this work :)

Love you all

Monday, July 6, 2015


I’ll start out by saying that my poor companion received his dear John letter :( so let’s have a moment of silence..

Another great week of work.  We found some super prepared people like Roberto..... who asked us when we are going to baptize him hahaha and another named Jose, who really wants to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it’s true... but sadly we are dropping some investigators
too because they can’t come to church. This week the game plan is to help people have spiritual experiences and knock every single door in our area..... Although I have to admit after being here for 6 months I actually feel like it’s my home... haha i know everyone’s name and when we are in downtown Resistencia we always run into people we have taught hahahah. I guess you can say I’m pretty popular and speaking of that I get to share a spiritual thought with the whole mission about Humility Wednesday :)

Oh ya and now we are living in our new pench (apartment I guess I should make that clear)  and wow it’s a true blessing to walk into the place you call home and not smell a stench of mold and not be in risk
of lung cancer.

Ohh another fun experience from this week is I watched a man butcher a cow... and then he invited us over to teach him tomorrow. I’m 100% sure he’s prepared.

I just love the mission, I honestly do, it’s fun stuff. The other day my companion asked me what’s the biggest accomplish in my life... as I thought for a second I told him its either when I won the softball intermural championship in 9th grade or my mission.

Love you all; speed up the work because the Lord is at the doorstep.

<3 Elder Simmons

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Well I hate to say it but the Mold won the war... Although I one the battle two weeks ago on P-day the mold won the war.. So we waved the white flag and we are moving to a new Apartment..... But................ it’s raining. So I’m not exactly sure what we are going to do but o well.

This week was a great week. We focused lots in the people that have the most potential to progress and........... another week were they decided not to come to church. So we are going to try this week one more time with them and then we are going to see. We also kept looking for new people to teach. There’s gold out there somewhere but we just have to look. Funny story.... last night after a long rainy day of contacting without much luck we were walking home on a road that the mud reminded me of the chocolate in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. As we were walking a car passed by and gave a nice little splash of that chocolate, although it wasn’t too sweet.... but I guess it makes for a good memory.  Now for the spiritual. This week a cool experience we had is that we were in a house of an investigator and one of the neighbors came over and asked if we could come teach his son that in in the drugs and alcohol... So later that week we passed by, and we met J. A young man that the drugs and alcohol have really taken a toll on him.. He didn’t really know who Jesus Christ is so we taught him the very basics. And the basics are powerful. After we taught him how to pray and after he prayed he had a light in his eyes even though his demeanor before was cloudy and weighed down. The gospel of Jesus Christ really does lift us up as we apply it in our lives. The work goes on I sure hope that someway somehow I can help another come unto Christ.

Love you all

Elder Simmons