Monday, April 25, 2016


Just so you guys know I've been trying to record this for 20 minutes and having technical difficulties so you guys are lucky that I love you because this is the fourth time I've recorded and my patience is being tried.  Just kidding anyway here we are again, Monday was my birthday, 20 years old.  The grey hairs are coming in and I'm starting to bald a little bit.  Not really, just kidding! 

For my birthday we wrote home and some members gave us lunch, we had empanadas.  In the afternoon was a short nap.  Elder Carrizales gave me a jersey, I bought myself a corbota and some other members gave me a shirt so it was actually a sweet birthday.  Last year  I had a baptism on my birthday so that's hard to compare.  Tuesday was Eli's birthday so happy birthday Eli I hope you had a great birthday.  I hope you love being 11.  Eli probably has gray hair and balding.  Probably has chest hair, gross!  Just kidding Eli.  Really I hope you had a great birthday.

Tuesday was  my companions birthday so we partied hard and taught the gospel.  Wednesday we had interview with President Franco so we went clear to Formosa capital.  We went in this van that hardly had room for my knees and we left at 5AM.  But that's OK it's all good and it was fun.  Saturday our group leader called us because his wife had to get her gall bladder taken out and he thought she'd be out of the hospital but she is still in the hospital in another town for 2 weeks.    He called because he wasn't going to be home and we couldn't have church at his house.  We had to ask some other members to let us borrow their yard for church.  We had church under a tree in their yard in the shade.  It was actually really fun.  We had to find all the chairs possible and made benches out of some old tires and some wood.  We had 19 people come to church and 3 investigators.  It was actually very successful  even though it was very impromptu it turned out very well.  While I was giving my talk a guy pulled out a chain saw and started cutting down a tree.  What are you going to do?  I just spoke really loud.  Luckily he didn't cut too much.

This week we found a lot of great people, some very prepared people.  We found a girl named E and also found a guy named S and his girlfriend.  I'm really excited  that we get to teach them and hopefully baptize them.  I've been thinking I need to baptize these people before I go home.  I really hope I finish my mission here in Los Lomitas.  I just like it so much, even though it's really hot here, I just love it.

That's it for the work.  This last 3 weeks has been a little rough, random things have happened that are out of our control but my companion and I are just learning to trust in the Lord's timing.  We realize that it's all in his hands.  We work hard every week so these people can get baptized but it's up to them and it's up to the Lord.  I've learned to trust Him a little more because sometimes there's nothing else you can do but wait patiently.

I love you guys tons, I hope you have a great week, bye!

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