Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Easter was fabulous, definitely centered on Jesus Christ.   It was a very special Easter and was soooo easy to testify of Jesus Christ and it was always powerful, definately an Easter to remember.  I'm still in Las Lomitas with Elder Carrizales and we're going to watch conference in the house of a member family in Spanish so that should be a party.

Small world that you got to meet Elder Heaton.

 I'm just chillin here in the secretary office writing home.   Lessons are going good here. N, if everything goes as planned will be baptized this Saturday, pray lots cause everything has to go well with the marriage.

The weather has been pretty nice but it's starting to heat up again.  I have to admit that it is a relief that I won't have to spend another summer here in Argentina.  It was a good experience while it's lasted but soooo hot.  Fall officially started here about 2 weeks ago.  I'm so glad that nothing changed this transfer, I'm hoping to finish her, I really like Las Lomitas.    I'm just going to do my best while I'm here,  I really like this last home stretch because I just feel so excited for the future.

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