Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Hello, how is it going?  I hope Puerto Rico is as fun as the pictures look and I hope Utah is fun I hope that spring break is fun for everyone.  I'll be here enjoying the Las Lomitas sun and the investigators.  It's much better that Utah or Puerto Rico!  We had some divisions this week.  I went on divisions with Elder Henderson from Provo Utah.  We did a baptismal interview for Norma.  It went good, she passed the interview.  What happened is we didn't have the baptism because she didn't get married.  We had messed up on the papers.  The civil register told us to come back on Friday to get married but it turned out we had to come back on Friday for an appointment for them to get married.  Hopefully the marriage will be Wednesday or Thursday this week and the baptism this week.  No drama here.

My companion got sick but he's better now.  We stayed in the pension Friday.  An Elder had a book called the Infinite Atonement by Elder Callister.  It's really good so I stayed in the pension all day and read about the atonement of Jesus Christ which is always sweet.  Saturday we were pumped for conference.  About a month ago we had called a member to come and fix our satellite in Las Lomitas so we could watch general conference.  As everyone does, even I am guilty the member procrastinated until Saturday morning at 1AM and he couldn't find the signal.  He left without telling us that he couldn't find the signal.  So we got to the house about 12:45 and I'd bought some candy and had my notebook ready for conference.  We show up and tried setting it up and it didn't work so we called the Hermano to see if there was a secret to get it to work.  And he told us it didn't work.  So we sadly walked back to our pension.  It was really sad to know conference was going on and we couldn't even watch it.  Plus this whole time we have problems with our phone.  For some reason for 2 or 3 days at a time we don't have signal.  So we have no communication at times with anyone.  We used a member phone to call our zone leaders and let them know and they told us to come to Iberetta so we got on a bus to Iberetta and we got there in time for the priesthood session.  We stayed overnight and watched all the sessions Sunday which were really good.  We're just going to download the sessions from Saturday so we can watch and also all the members can watch.
That was the adventure this week.  In Las Lomitas even though they couldn't watch conference they had a normal sacrament meeting and we had 5 investigators show up even though we weren't there.  Alfredo went to church for the first time and is progressing good.  Another lady we don't really know showed up.  She's a family member of a member so we are going to teach her.  The work is going really good.  We found another possibility for a church, we just have to go take some pictures of it.

Today is really hot again, nothing new there.  I cut my hair.  Anyway that it is about it from Iberetta Argentina on this fourth of April.  My birthday is next week and Eli's birthday is next week.  I hope you have a big cake for me.  Love you guys, have a great week in Puerto Rico and Utah.

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