Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yo Sup Dude

Well another week has come and gone and the speed that they are coming and going really scares me. At this point Christmas is going to be in 3 hours. They say times fly’s when you’re having fun. So I guess you can say I’m having fun. This week was super well obviously fun. We had a few services. One of them I sat there and broke up bricks for like an hour.

Then the member gave us like 20 hamburgers and I swelled up like I was on Creatin. And for the other service we helped another member set up a pool and a little bit of shade for their pool. haha.
I also went on division again this week with an elder Fraiser... Super super fun. I met a guy that literally worships the United States..... he told me I’m a higher race because I was born in the united states of America. Gooo bald eagle.  Elder Heaton and I have been working our booties of trying to find people that are prepared. We continue to search. We have found a lot of great people it’s just that are a tad bit lazy and don’t want to come to church. You know I’ve learned a ton about patience out here. We are just going to keep working because well that’s what we do. And it’s ok with me if we are baptizing loads and loads of people because I know we are doing what the Lord asks. I’ve always thought that we are just tools in the Lords hands.... and tools don’t have eyes. And sometimes they don’t get to see the finished product of their work and you know I’m ok with that...... Ive accepted I’m a tool without eyeballs.

Anyways love you all :)

<3 Elder Simmons

Monday, January 19, 2015

6 Months

Well well well I’ve been out here in the big field of the mission for 6 moths this last Friday :) and you can bet your bippy I bought ice cream. And you can also bet your bippy that I was sick on that day. And you can still bet your bippy that I ate the whole gallon of ice cream while I was sick :) and I don’t even know what a bippy is. 

This week was also one of the fastest weeks of my mission... I’m not sure how or why it’s getting faster and faster every day but it kind of freaking me out... I really can believe that 6 months has already come and gone. Wow it’s been a great 6 months. 

 We have divisions every week one or two times a week super fun. I love getting to know the other areas and elders. My companion and I are both zone leaders and it is a zone of 3 districts. 

This week was pretty interesting. We had an emergency transfer in our zone because a few of the missionaries were sick and another tore his mcl so had to go home to get surgery.  Half of our zone is new hahaha.   Elder Heaton and I were running around making sure everything was ok. One of the elders in our zone is a mini missionary, and he only serves for 1 transfer. The dude is a convert of 7 moths and he’s a champion. It’s one of my favorite thing is to hear about the conversions stories of people so I always ask. I also had the chance to do my first baptismal interview for a kid named Wakin.... It was super fun. The kids is 8 years old and full of energy and light. I also went to his baptism :) Other than that we having been working lots with the less active people and we have literally been talking with everyone to find the people that are prepared to be taught the restored gospel, because we know they are out there :) 

Gotta  go clean the apartment but love you all :)
Elder Simmons

Monday, January 12, 2015


Well another week has come and gone and it only goes by faster and faster...... I really cannot believe that this week I will complete 6 months in the mission. I feel like I just started. I also feel like I’ve hardly done anything hahaha I gotta get working. But I love every minute of it although my patience in being stretched like Laffy Taffy.
There are like 100 to 150 different churches in my area.... so that’s a little different than before. The people are more closed to our message you just have to work smarter. There are 10 in my district and 2 are the assistants to the president.  I  haven’t heard anything about the split of the mission but I know we are lacking missionaries right now.... in our zone there is like 18 or so.
I’m a lot busier now being the district and zone leader. I have like 5 minutes of free time. Mostly it’s just talking on the phone with other missionary’s answering questions and problems and also I give more talks for district meetings...
One of the lessons we taught this week was to a kid named Matias and after we explained he told us that wow that makes sense.  We shared the Book of Mormon and he said that he really does want to read it. We seta baptismal date and everything the only hard part is he is almost never home.
We still walk a ton hahahaha. But luckily there are buses here in Argentina that we use. I might have to get some shoes fixed hahaha. Our area right now (in comparison) is like from the hospital in Payson to Payson market and all the surrounding neighborhoods.... pretty big.
This week was really good.... We had counsel of leaders... a big meeting of all the Zone and District leaders in the mission where president talked to us. We are really focusing on Baptize, reactivate, and retain. There was a huge change in the numbers we use as missionaries. Well to me it’s big but to you.............. any ways. This morning I was buying stuff in the store and some random guy took a picture of me then said. My sister likes rubios.... then walked away hahaha so that new.  Shout out to my parents and their fantastic genes. We have been teaching our bums off here in Resistencia. You have to work intelligently here because the people are a little more rough and closed, but I love a good challenge. We got a few people to come out to church. One is going to get a divorce this week so he can get married so he can get baptized :) so we are working with him and his wife.... We have a good teaching pool but we have been literally talking with everyone. We have been trusting in the promise from our mission president when he told us there are people out there that are ready to accept our message and not just listen to it........ I think faith plays a bigger part in our lives than we think. The stripling warriors for example, they had so much faith that none of them died, even when the odds were greatly against them.. and none of them died.  I’m going to have lots of faith so I don’t die.... ;) really I have faith we will find the people that are prepared. Anyways love you all :)

Elder Simmons

Monday, January 5, 2015


Well I got transferred from Clorinda to Resistencia. I had to say goodbye to Clorinda... I’ll admit it was pretty hard. But I’ll go where the Lord tells me. I’m going to miss some of the families there buuuuuttt I’ll see them in the celestial kingdom instead. 
Resistencia is on the opposite side of the mission and the opposite in size. Resistencia is a little smaller than Salt Lake but much hotter of course, and a lot more people to teach. Lots of things are different. I’m in a ward of like 100 people now with a bishop and everything. I’m also 2 blocks away from a super market and not 20 minutes and it’s a lot more people in our area...... but lots of them and Evangelists... and Catholics.... and they don’t want to change. But there are prepared people out there. I basically went from working in comparison to  Salem to right outside of Salt Lake City downtown.    We got white washed in with basically nothing. So we literally have been talking with everyone we see. I also have a new companion Elder Heaton. He’s a great guy and super humble. I’m learning lots. Sooo this week was pretty interesting because we got to our Apartment on Wednesday night, which was huge. And we were told we had to move Thursday morning.... But Thursday morning was the new year and there was absolutely no one in the streets....... until we found a guy with his horse and wagon.... So ya we moved everything from a random guy with his horse and wagon.... hahaha oh Argentina.

But at least it was pretty cheap :) and fun fact... this is the only year of my life 2015 where I’ll be a missionary for the whole year. So wish me luck........... Life is good, the sun is hot, and the gospel is true and I miss you. Wow shout out to my poetry. I’ve got to run because well I’m a missionary and I have a schedule.   I hope all of you have the greatest of days :)

Elder Simmons