Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hello family how is it going?  What's up, another week, it's very rainy here in Iberetta.  Last p-day the Elders called and said President Franco is going to come to church in your area next Sunday.  We don't have very many chairs at church so we decided we'd take 9 chairs from Iberetta to Las Lomitas.  We strapped 3 sets of 3 chairs with tape and we carried them back to the pension.  We walked about a half a mile with chairs on our head, and it was hot!  We spent the night at district meeting and then after the meetings, about 2:30 in the afternoon, we took the chairs up to the terminal.  We are already weird enough being white missionaries in Argentina and now we are walking around with chairs on our heads because that's the only way we had to carry them.  We get to the bus stop and they'd blocked the highway.  What happens when people get mad here and they want the government to take action the people will close down the main highways so no one can get by until they get what they want.  Last week they'd done this so the highway was shut down so we couldn't get back to Las Lomitas.  So we stayed Tuesday and worked here and then Wednesday morning we went back to Las Lomitas and took the chairs with us. 

You probably saw the pictures of the cow.  There was a girl having her Quinceanera party when she turns 15.  Her family had bought a whole cow and they were cutting it up for a BBQ.  

Saturday it rained so President Franco couldn't come to the meetings on Sunday.  So sadly he didn't come but hopefully he'll come next month.

The church building that we found has been rented to someone else.  We told President and he wasn't very happy but we'll start looking for another one and we'll see what happens.

This week we found a new couple named M and A.  M is a member and A is the son of some less active people.  A is gold, the first lesson he accepted a baptismal date and he's solid.  We are still teaching G and N.  They gave us their ID and tomorrow when we go to Formosa, because of my ingrown toenail, we'll take their IDs and get their birth certificates so they can get married, maybe in a couple of weeks.  D and C are doing good, D accepted a baptismal date for the beginning of May, kind of far but that's what she wanted.  C still needs to get married.  After that we are talking to R who also accepted a baptismal date.

That's about it, love you guys.  Have a great week, Ciao.

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