Monday, June 22, 2015


Well a stellar week. Wednesday and Thursday  Elder Vergara and I worked our bums off looking for new people to teach. And so we contacted a ton but we met a few great people that have some serious potential. Friday there was a baptismal interview in La Leonesa and so we traveled down there and I had the baptismal interview with a man named O. He told me his story of how he has changed and how one rainy day when he was having marriage problems he saw to kids in white shirt and tie and he called out to them for help... but since it was raining so hard that the missionaries didn't hear him. The very next day the missionaries just so happened to come straight to his door. He said  'it's as if they were sent from God´. This really is the Lords work and every single person that looks for the help from God in their lives will find it. I've seen this way to many times in my mission for it not to be true.  And on Saturday we ran a away from a few drunk people and had some stellar lessons with Brother D and we visited a man named Walter. And wow the members help soooooooooo much in the Mission work. So if the missionaries ask for your help... please help them :) And then Sunday.............. no one came to church.... It was hard and it honestly hurts me a little bit.. But the work goes on. 

So here we have another week to work and invite everyone to come unto Christ.. and we might have to move Apartments again because the one we have is getting overrun with mold.... And yup that's the life.

Shout out to Thacker... HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK.

Love Elder Simmons <3

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Welp I’m still here in Rio Negro Resistencia.... Which I’m pretty happy about... and I have a new companion too! Elder Vergara from Spain.  Which I am also very happy about because he’s super smooth and we were kind of already companions like 6 months ago when I was in that trio for
2 weeks.. and you already know we are carry the Restored Gospel to thousands this transfer.... I’m exited.

As for this week it was nice.... We had basically a full week to work.  We found a guy named ----....
well actually he found us and asked us to go by his house... and since that doesn’t happen lots..  we
went by his house but he lives in one of the most dangerous parts of our mission... and we went with nothing but shirt tie pants and a Book of Mormon in our hands.  He was super happy and accepted to be Baptized.  Now we just have to help him overcome some problems.  S is still progressing. She is honestly an example of faith even though she has a boyfriend that is a  little more hard hearted.  When she prays she honestly talks with God.   Her prayers are so sincere. And also N accepted to be baptized.. but she doesn’t feel ready and also she needs to get married. So we have some good things
going on and my goal this transfer is to have even more faith than I’ve had in the past so that we really do see miracles. :) I’m excited for this transfer with Elder Vergara and I love being a missionary.

Buuuuut.... I got robbed again this week. Nothing valuable.... except the word of God that is sharper than a two edged sword. A dude came up behind me on his little scooter while I was walking in the
road and snatched my hand bag out of my hand and then drove off.... I was annoyed more than worried but I hope he reads the stuff that was in there it could help him out a little. I have officially lost
all of my scripture bags... so I’m rocking a first aid kit I found in our apartment. I dumped out the band aid and latex gloves and put my pamphlets and Book of Mormon in there which fits like a latex

Also.. while Elder Vergara was settling down he flipped over an extra mattress we found a toooonnnn of mold... so  we’re going to head back to the apartment this afternoon and just bleach down everything.

Well I’m healthy (I think) and happy and the mission is the best. Love you all and  S\O to my dad for being the best the world has ever seen.

Elder Simmons

Monday, June 8, 2015

What Up

Well this week was super fast just like every other week. 

Tuesday: we had consejo which is a huge meeting with like half the mission and we learned how to be better missionaries.
Wednesday: then we had another big meeting with everyone in our zone and we talked about the things we learned in consejo
Thursday: Divisions again.. in Las Palmas with and Elder Trotter... He's kind of a tool.... No just kidding he's a super cool kid... he's just watching me write this.
Friday: We had more divisions with Elder Bess... 
Saturday: The only day we were in the area, but we are looking new investigators like always and we talked with S. and we found a new investigator named N that is a girlfriend of a member and she loves the church so we have high hopes for her.
Saturday: Some of the other elders in the zone had a baptism after church and both S and N were there to see it...
And today all the elders in the zone got together and we ate some sausage... and ya well that's the life here in the mission field.

Transfer this week so we'll see what happens.
Lots of love

Elder Simmons

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yay Summer

Well this week was... fresh... It got down to be like 15 degrees Celsius which I just converted on the computer and equals about 60 degrees...... hahaha  ya well everyone this week was wrapped up in full on winter clothes and no one dared go outside. Except the two white kids that always wear a shirt and tie.... and they went out with a short sleeve shirt and enjoyed the nice weather... but it was a fun week.
One thing that happened that was just fabulous is we had a meeting with a mission leader here for the first time in over a year in our ward... YAY. that was solid. also we ate subway... again :) We also had a service project with some less actives in our ward. We moved about 3 tons of sand from the front yard to the back yard in less than an hour and a half with 5 little buckets. Pretty sure we broke some sort of high score with that acheivment. And then we headed to the little town like an hour away called La Leonesa because we had to bring to pass a few baptismal interviews.. we found some new people... some a little more receptive than the others... We kinda got told off on a believes by this one dude and he prayed for us that we could find the truth and not be confused.... but even with lessons like that I'm even more convinced that the restoration of the gospel in these latter days really did happen... we also met some stellar teenagers and a lady named M.
left to right
Elder Heaton, Elder Skouson, Elder Simmons, Elder LeBaron (all current or previous companions)

peeps from Utah

I've been thinking lately in what I can do to be a better missionary.  I'm set on improving my personal prayers every day and night. and that i really seek to obtain the spirit..... because that really is the trick to this missionary work. The spirit, and I figure it might be a trick for life.
Love to all and to all a good night.
Elder Simmons