Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Elder Oaks

This week was crazy cool.. because first off I shook the hand of Elder Dallin H Oaks.... and you wanna know what he said to me.....Thank you Elder Simmons....he totally knows my name. We are homies..... But really Elder Oaks came to our mission and talked to our whole mission... That was cool cause well first off its a special witness of Jesus Christ and he radiates the spirit and second is that we met up as the whole mission so I took some pics with all the elders from the MTC and former companions :) Elder Oaks talked about the Revelation and how we can better recognize and receive it. He also talked about the Sabbath day and how to keep it Holy. It was super good i was taking notes faster than people are getting married at BYU....
As for the work this week... Well it was kinda slow because like I said last week that my companion left to do paper work, so i just chilling in the office for three days.. I don't think i had ever been more bored in my life... ( just because i said that im gonna get called to be an office elder) anyways we did work a little bit. We had service with Se, S's future husband... We have been working with him a ton trying to help him to come to church and little by little he is furthering himself from the Alcohol....  and well E and G are good. Except they dont want to get married and then dont want to break up either... But you cant just sit of the fence of commandments either....... But we are just gonna keep teaching doctrine and invite them to change... We are once again on the search for new investigators.. well the truth is when arent we searching for new investigators... the assistant to the president compared the missionary work now days like hunting when in the older days it was more of fishing......

So that's the life right now. This is that last normal week before transfers and im like 96 percent sure we will see some changes with companions or areas.. That will be nice something fresh..
We had our zone activity today... were the whole zone got together and played a little Frisbee and basketball and some of the elders stayed in our pench last night... I came up with the great idea to sleep on the roof under the stars and wow it was super fun... Even though the mosquitoes wanted me more than Returned missionaries want a eternal companion.
I love the work even though its hard... I feel like ive learned more for myself than ive taught but thats just the way it goes i guess :)
Elder Simmons

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Welllll this week was just dandy. I got up early 6 of the 7 days to do paper work...... and I can now officially say that I am LEGAL :) Now I can teach the part of lesson 5 in preach my gospel about living and following the law, without felling super guilty....... This week was pretty killer. We have been searching for a new fresh batch of investigators... and yes God answers prayers.. We found a young couple named A and M. They accepted the baptismal invitation and are reading the Book of Mormon, the only problem is that they didn't come to church......... but that’s OK because luckily we have church every single week. We also found a guy named R.. He lives alone and we are working with a member with him. A great guy and I think he has some serious potential.... E and G don’t really know if they want to get married and we are going to see what happens this week with the marriage of S and S.

This week Elder Oaks from the 12 apostles is coming to talk to us so that ought to be fun and interesting.   I've never seen one of the 12 apostles up close and personal.

My companion left me, and went with a bunch of other elders to get paper work done 12 hours away.... so I’m chilling for the next few days with Elder L, My companion in the MTC :) But I'm not going to lie I’m kind of bored. Not working kind of stinks like the sanja (sanja is the sewer system here in Argentina, or lack there of, it’s a trench between the side walk and the road )

I have heard about all the mission calls that my friends and family have gotten and it made me think of mine.. Which I got about a year ago... and how crazy is that........ and now here I am with 9 months in the mission and thinking.. where in the world did the time go. but luckily i still have a lot of mission in front of me and I'm super-duper grateful for that. Every day is a blessing and a adventure :)

Love y'all

Elder Simmons

To Eli:  Eli my mission is FABULOUS........ It has been the highlight of my life.

To Paige: I honestly can’t believe your almost a senior...... Where are our lives going ??? Congrats on first attendant at prom....Someone has to carry the Simmons name....  .... Anyways love you tons thanks for keeping me posted. Have a great week :)

To Logan: sounds like fun!! Dude you’re almost 16.... you can almost date....... that’s soooo weird to me . But wow and drive. Keep up the good work in soccer. Love you and miss you :)

To Thacker:  This week me and my companion got up early every single morning to do legal paper work.... and now my companion left me and is in the other side of Argentina soooo I’m chilling with elder L my companion from the MTC in the office of the mission for a few days..... so I’m kind of bored... I just want to work. But thanks for writing me dude!! I love you and miss you a ton :)

To Mom: Wow I honestly can’t believe it’s already been a year since I got my mission call..... My whole life I have just been kind of waiting for this part of my life... and now that it’s here it’s going by way to fast.. but o well that’s life.You guys were some of the first to see the inside of the Payson temple. Not going to lie I’m a little bit jealous... and that’s cool  you get to be tour guides for the VIP  tours. And it’s funny I went of divisions with the presidents assistant  and we used the same tactic; Short simple powerful sentences, and wow it works good and I continue to use it :)  Tell everyone hi for me!

To Dad: ya every night we call the district leaders in our zone and they give us a daily report... I'm really striving to be a better missionary..... I really do want people to come to Christ

.... but the work of salvation is not a work that is really fast and easy.. but it sure is fun

Monday, April 13, 2015

Birthday and Baptisms

Well this week couldn't have been better.... First off.... we had a consejo.. a big meeting for all the Zone leaders in the mission and the president of seminary came and talked to us on how we should better use seminary with the missionary work... And that night after the meeting we went straight to the seminary teacher in our ward.. and we told her we wanted to help... so the next day we woke up at five and went to seminary :) and we shared with the little group of 4 teenagers our testimonies of seminary and how it has helped us to grow in the gospel.

Friday we had the Baptismal interview for T and F and wow they were really excited. Saturday... my birthday, we woke up and whipped up some pancakes and then headed out to the Baptism.... It really is almost indescribable the feeling of a baptism... They were both really excited :) I had the opportunity to baptize F, the younger of the two :) After the baptism I shared a testimony of how I had always known the church was true but being able to be a part of an experience like the family of S really has strengthened my testimony of the gospel... The confirmations were wonderful too. The spirit was super strong.

  After we ate a few cupcakes and then headed to subway for a birthday lunch. 

It was actually nice not to think only about myself on my birthday.  ....

It’s a custom or culture here that when its someone’s birthday you kiss them on the cheeks.... But that’s a problem because welllll I’m and elder.... I spent most of my birthday dodging kisses, everyone was trying to kiss me... It was like high school all over again....

Sunday, we had met a few less actives in our area in the general conference.... and they told us were they lived and yesterday we went and visited them.. and well these people live in the middle of nowhere. We took a bus to an old racetrack..... that no one uses and then got off and started walking..... for 1 hour... and then eventually we found a little neighborhood....and all of the house were made of mud.... we shared with the family and then they said they are coming to church... wow an experience....

I’m good, I’m 19, the church is true... and Love you all.

Elder Simmons

Thursday, April 9, 2015

General Conference

Well how but general conference eh??? Pretty good. I'm not going to lie usually I have just slept through it and tried not to let my parents see... But wow when you really listen with the intent to learn...... wow you learn quite a bitsy.. But really I loved the talks on Sunday of Jesus and his second coming. Wow how powerful was that... and about marriage on Saturday... I'm planning to be married in less than three months after the mission... It's my goal at least :)

This week was great.. It started out that I had divisions with Elder Skouson. The two of us were back in action..... He came here to our zone so we got to pass a little time together..... It's been another cooler week a little of rain so I've been super grateful for the great weather. The work is also great.... It looks like we are going to have a baptism this weekend of T and F... the two daughters of S... So I'm pretty excited for that. They made it out for the conference and I was praying the whole time that they would be touched by one of the talks that were given....  we are going to see them tonight so I guess I'll let you know next week haha...

We have been using the Thanks that He Lives video that the church made for Easter and I've been carrying around a little DVD player and this week I was on my toes the whole time just in case a sniper was right to swipe but luckily we were completely safe. 

Since our mission got a little smaller so our area got bigger..... We have a new area that is supppppeeerrr far from the pench and we went last Thursday and got to know it... Lots of work lots of it.... Lots of less active people and lots of potential. The only problem is we are short on time this week to go out there and work. On the Saturday sessions of general conference some less actives and they told us that they live in that part of the woods... or boonies whatever you want to call it... They live an hour away from the bus stop and right next to a race track... So looks like we are going to take a little walk... this week went by super fast because of conference.. We were in the church basically all Saturday and Sunday and then since the priesthood session didn't end till 11 o'clock here we stayed with the office elders since there apartment is 1 block from the church. A good ol sleep over.

For an experience this week: we made some plans with a member from our ward to go visit the investigators. Hno D he is like 60 and just waddles around.. But he loves to help us... We had to walk like a good 2 or 3 miles to the lesson and he walked it with us.... He a convert of 10 years and has a strong testimony..... we walked for like 1 hour to get to the lesson but he helped us a ton.. and really helped the investigators feel loved. I really am grateful for the strong members that are all over the world. Conference really reminded me that we are all in this together (High school Musical) in the work of the Lord preparing for his second coming and I'm soooooo grateful to be a member and to be serving a mission and to have the family that I have :)

Woot woot 19...... I'm not going to lie it doesn't quite feel like my birthday... its super different. But I'm not mad at all.. I'll eat some pancakes, and work and call it a good birthday :)  LOVE YOU GUYS TONS I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU::: ENJOY MY BIRTHDHAY AND ELI'S TOO.... :)

<3 Happy Easter! 
Happy Birthday Eli!!  

Elder Simmons 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sleep hard. Work Harder........

Week one of this Transfer has already come and gone and it was a great week...It basically rained alllll week long and it actually got a little chilly and its kinda stayed a little chilly so that was nice. We went to The Leonesa again this week for a baptismal Interview. And well..... I might have gotten on top of the church to take a picture...... 

We really tried hard this week to find some new people and the truth is we found a few people that really do have some potential.. So we will see what we can do..... G and E are still going great. They are starting the long and painful Argentinean process to get married.... So maybe we will see them get baptized in a month or so if everything goes good.... But there son and his cousin are planning on getting married the 11 of April ( My birthday) so that will be fun.

 S is my hero. The woman literally carries her family. We saw earlier this week that she is kind of beat up by the world. And we could see here hope fading. We felt inspired to share the story of Joseph Smith when he was in jail for 5 months. And it got so hard that in his heart felt prayer he asks god where is he. And the great response. in verse 7 My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;

We helped her understand that this life is only but a small moment. and no matter what happens if we endure it well that there is a great reward at the end. She thanked us and told us that we are the answers to her prayers. I was very grateful for the experience and humbled too.  Helping others overcome these problems that I can't even imagine having has really opened my eyes. She still needs to get married before she gets baptized but well that the problem. But her daughters are planning for the 11 of April too :)

I love the mission more than Obama loves America..I'll tell you what.

Anyway yesterday we had Interviews. It was nice to talk to president Face to Face. He gave me some great advice and well helped me have a better vision of the person I can become. I just have to level up a little more.

So you probably have all seen the video of Jesus and the Resurrection.. Well we are using that as missionaries a ton right now. I carry a little DVD player around (don't tell the thugs) and we show it and its already helped us a ton.. The thing is powerful...

Anyways I hope you all enjoy conference because well I will.

Much Love

Elder Simmons