Monday, January 4, 2016


Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls.  I present to you the 20th recording of Tanner Simmons, Paige did you see that I started out different so you can't make fun of me.  Another great week, week 5 of this transfer.  Next week transfers are coming up and it's pretty likely that I get transferred since I have 6 months in this area.  We'll see what happens, next p-day I'll write you and maybe I'll be somewhere else.  We are still living with the other Elders in a different pench because our pench may flood so they moved us to a different pension and we're living there.  It's pretty cramped but it's really fun.  It's probably about as big as 10 feet x 15 feet which includes 4 beds, all of our stuff, the kitchen, the bathroom, everything so it's fun.  We stay up late talking about random stuff and it's all good.  We have to enjoy it while it lasts.  

The teaching this week has gone really well.  Sadly no one is going to be baptized week six.  We thought E was going to get baptized but he has a drinking problem and drinks a lot.  Everyone is going on vacations because here it is summer time.  No one is in school and so people are going on vacation.  It's not an excuse but it's kind of hard.  He left on vacation and M left and went on vacation too.  That kind of stinks because we were planning her baptism for this week.  We found some great people, we found a family this week.  The family M.  They are super cool.  It's a reference we got from some members in a different ward, they are sweet.  They are 3, they were going to come to church this weekend but their sister came to visit them so they couldn't go to church.  Also we are still teaching A & G and they are a couple we've been teaching for about 2 weeks now.  They didn't come to church and we don't know why yet but we'll stop by today and see what happened.

Happy New Year, 2016 Wow!  What happened to 2015?  It's my only full year as a missionary and it's gone.  It was a great year and I learned a ton of things.  I would share them with you but it's a lot of stuff so I'll share them with you later.  We stayed up until midnight on the 31st and went outside and watched the fireworks.  We played UNO on Thursday and Friday, about 7 hours between those 2 days.  We had nothing else to do and we had to stay in the pench because it was kind of dangerous with all of the people drinking.  My goodness that was a lot of UNO.  We also picked up some Chinese food.  I took out some of the packages you sent me and I cooked up Chinese food. 

Sunday we went to Lyse, it was so hot.  It's raining right now which is nice because it's a break from the heat.  2 people did come to church, E and his girlfriend.  E is the brother of N who was baptized a short time ago.  This week will be a pretty crazy week because we have consejo and meetings.  We'll be traveling and waking up early and not sleeping.

Oh I have some great news!  You guys are going to be so happy.  Are you ready for this, are you sure you are ready?  I have another ingrown toe nail woooo.  I think this is number 6 or 7.  I don't know but it must be a world record.  I could tell it was going to become ingrown but last night it just gave in and gave up.  So I'm going to go to the Dr today or tomorrow.  It's really annoying. 

Fun stuff.  I love everyone, the church is true.  Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God and I'll see you later.  Chow chow.