Friday, May 20, 2016


Sooo I got kind of got tired of the voice recording and I really wanted to just send a weekly message this week so here we go.

This week was honestly a roller coaster. A roller coaster that flies of the rail and crashes. Kind of. So Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I was on divisions with an Elder Jauregui from Urugauy. It was actually really fun we ate out in restaurants a couple of times. We also found some sweet people and they are even married soo that is a blessing. We had a fabulous lesson with D and C. They are still progressing very well and D is going to be baptized next week :) and C is going to talk to her boyfriend about what type of future she wants. After we have been teaching the regulars who are all Progressing well too, like A. The B family and just little by little helping them get over a life time of obstacles. So this Thursday we found N.... we had heard that she had moved to Provincia San Luis but when in reality had only moved to The neighborhood San Luis (the same place as the church) so we got to talk to her and she expressed to us her experience and how God had helped her overcome the death of G, we invited her to be baptized this same week because she already had all the teaching and the baptismal interview all she needed was the water. And she said yes that's exactly what she needed.... So Saturday some less active people helped us out by picking us all up and taking us out to the River and doing the baptism. And back story it was cold this week. End of back story. So me and N got in the chilly water ready for the baptism dressed all in white (I changed in the bushes hahahaha) and I said the prayer and went to dunk her under and the coldness of the water surprised her and her arm didn't go under and part of her head. So as she came up I explained we would have to do it again..... But she started freaking out and crying, I tried to calm her and help her to do it again but she wasn't in a normal state of mind so I told her to do what she thought she needed to, so she got out of the water.. It was pretty sad but once again I have learned that I cannot convince anyone of the truth... But yesterday she came to church and shared her testimony and said she actually enjoyed and would love to try to be baptized again. We actually ended up calling President Franco to ask him what to do and if the baptism counted and he called up Salt Lake City and the answer came back to baptize her again.. so we are going to take a bus to Ibarreta so she can be baptized in the warm baptismal font there in a few weeks............... I was beating myself about it all Sunday but now I'm over it :)

That's was the interesting part of my week, also a drunk guy gave a soup that had Cow intestines in it and me and Elder Carrizales choked it down last night and I still don't have much of an appetite....... But ya.. That's about it, I learned sooooo much this week hahaha and I really do just love the heaven of the mission. And I'll see you guys on Sunday. Love you!!!!

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