Monday, November 2, 2015

10-20-15 Transfers

Hello, hello, hello anybody there?   Oh right you guys don’t talk you just listen.  Luckily I’m still here in Formosa I didn’t leave.  We had another great transfer and will have lots of baptisms with Elder Tapia.  Nothing really changed, same old same old which is always great.  How are you doing?  I hope everything went well this week I hope Logan had a great birthday.  I hope he gets his driver’s license and I hope he’s already gone on a date.  I hope Paige advanced in state.  I hope Thacker and Eli are doing well.  I hope grandma is still super super super excited for her mission. I hope my parents are great as always.  Last Sunday was mother’s day here in Argentina so happy mother’s day mom.  Woot, I love you.  

Last Monday after I wrote you guys, we went to an activity with the other elders and we played soccer tennis.  We ate a ton of sausage.  We played a little ping pong.  It was fun but it was hot.  Tuesday last week we had to pay for the apartments here.  Our mission is getting smaller so we have a lot of extra apartments that we have to shut down. 

 This week we found a few new people.  We are really looking a lot for new people because we always need new people to teach.  The references from the members are slowing down.  Last transfer and the transfer before we hardly contacted at all so we decided this transfer to contact more.  I don’t know if its working but we are contacting more.  We are meeting new people and we are also getting rejected a few times.  Some people are a little cold but that’s OK if they don’t want to accept it they don’t have to.  We found a girl named G A and she is a spiritualist.  Basically I could say that her beliefs don’t have boundaries.  She believes whatever she wants.  She’s very receiving to the gospel; she already believes the Book of Mormon is true.  We don’t understand completely but her son talked to some missionaries from 3 years ago and he wants to get baptized.  It’s kind of hard because this last week people didn’t come to church for mother’s day.  It’s OK because there’s always next week.  

This week we also went to Lisse, the little city, it’s like a city between Payson and St George.  It’s in the middle of nowhere and there’s nothing there.  There’s a church there because 10 years ago there was a really strong group of 70 people but a lot of them have died and now there’s about 15 people.  We go there to help them because they aren’t the strongest of members.  Last Thursday went there; we walked in the sun a little and tried to see people.  The problem is there literally are no investigators that live close.  We have to walk 20 minutes to find someone to teach. The Elders here before us went and taught some people close to the church and some people called the police and said they were disturbing the peace.  The church there is made of wood and some bees got in the walls and there are 1000s of bees and it’s also infested with bats.  It's a pretty hard situation there but we do what we can to help them and hope that the Lord helps them too.  

We found another lady Sister A.  She's close to a member and she sells second clothes.  Every time we go by she says Ola Elder.  She knows the word Elder so we kind of talk to her.  We sat down and gave her a Book of Mormon.  She believes it's true.  The only problem is that she wakes up about 11 or 12 every day and so that's rough to get to church.    That's going to be an obstacle.  We can help her work through it.  It's a bit hard for her to change churches but that's OK.  

We're going to set some goals for this transfer.  We are praying that we have some success.  We have high hopes for G and A.  We had a lesson with them last Saturday.  They aren't sure they want to get married.  We seriously had a lesson for an hour and a half and talked about marriage and marriage and marriage and finally at the end she said yes I'll get married but not right now.  She said in the future she would get married.  Little does she know that little in the future she means next week but she doesn't know that yet.  When we bring the marriage papers to her house that's when she's going to know.  We are sooooo close with them.  They came to church this last week, but little by little.  We are just hoping the spirit touches their hearts so they know what we are teaching them is true.  It's better if the spirit converts them. 

Last week  we had a member ,H M.  The dude is a machine, he's retired and he was a hippie   He went to the Hare Krishnas church, he was in a rock and roll band and he's done every drug you can think of.  The dude's has been everywhere.    He decided to get baptized a few years back and now he's so dedicated to the gospel.  He tells us he's retired so whenever we need him, call him and we can visit people.  We didn't abuse him this week but we kind of over used him.  He came with us 3 or 4 days in the week.  He's a great guy and honestly the missionary work is always better with a member.  Thacker, Eli, Logan, Paige, Gma and Mom and dad when you guys serve missions, always work with the members.  I'll repeat that for you to make a dramatic  effect.  Now I'm going to say it in Spanish just in case you didn't understand.  

This week our ward also took a trip to the temple in Asuncion Paraguay.  The family C went to the temple, the converts  of one month, their whole family went to the temple.  Last night we had a lesson with them and all they talked about was their trip to the temple.  Wow, They loved it so much.  The only thing they were sad about is that they couldn't be sealed yet because they've only been members for a month but they'll go again.  They went and did baptisms for the dead.  They did 15 baptisms for the dead.  This past Sunday the family C are honestly the dream team family.  They are perfect for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are a great example of how the gospel of Jesus Christ should be lived, kind of like my family.  

This past Sunday was crazy, after church we ran to the bus terminal.  We took the bus to Lissee to go do the Sacrament meeting there, then we came back on the bus and we got back about 6PM.  We didn't eat the whole day and I almost died of hunger.  Wow!  We worked all day and got home about 9PM and finally we ate and wow it was a good feeling.  Yesterday was transfers so we went to the bus terminal and waited for missionaries to come from other places.  It was pretty hot sitting in the shade it was 110 degrees.  We were just sweating and wet but it's all good.  It's  actually  a lot easier this year because I was here last year and I know what to expect.  You just have to keep working.  We got a little bored at the bus station so someone else had brought their UNO cards and we were playing UNO.  Then the security guard came and he told us we weren't allowed to play poker.  We said we're playing UNO and he said no betting here.  So we put the cards away.  That ended the UNO cards.  We don't bet we're Mormon. 

Love you guys thanks for all of your support.  The church is true, Jesus is the Christ and missionary work is the best.  It's hard and it's hot but it's the best.  Yep see you later, best of luck this week.  Chao chao.

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