Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Hello family how are you?  Oh ya that's right you guys don't talk back.  Another great week, we found a ton of new people this week.  They aren't just new people but they are solid investigators.  The family M came to church last week.  They were baptized a few years back and they don't have really strong testimonies.  They have a son that is 9 and hasn't been baptized so we are working with him.  The mom comes to church but the dad doesn't.  Another person we found is a lady that's about 40 and her name is A and we contacted her 2 weeks ago.  We went by again and taught her about the restoration.  At the end she asked us how much does it cost to get baptized your church?  No it's free we told her.  She asked if she had to sign up on a waiting list or something hahaha, I wish.  She couldn't come to church because her sister was sick but she really wants to get baptized.  She's been to church a few years back.  One of the members in our ward is her good friend.  She just needs to come to church and she can get baptized.  .  Then the last and greatest of all N & A, they are going to get married Wooooooooooot.  The truth is I don't know what changed their minds but we showed up one day and she said she heard a voice in her head and Jesus told her that marriage is sacred.  After that she decided she wants to get married.   Thank you so much for your prayers, it's helped a ton, it's not every day we hear a voice in our heads prompting us.  

Other than that it rained a lot this week, one morning we headed out to work with our nice clean clothes on.  They were doing some construction on the road and so I had to jump the santas.  I think I've explained what the santas are, it's like the poop channels here in Argentina.  We had to jump over it to get to the road to our lesson and guess who slipped and fell?  Yes that's right I slipped and fell, you'll see the pictures.  It wasn't super bad but my backside got all muddy and we had to go back to the pension so I could shower and change.  I smelled liked poop for at least 2 days after.  That's a good experience, reminded me in the part in D&C when Jesus is talking to Joseph Smith that if everything combines against you will all be for your experience.  I feel like falling in poop was just good for my experience.  

 Obviously the farther I go on my mission the better of a missionary that I am.  I'm not saying I'm perfect but I've improved.  One thing I've realized is that in the beginning of my mission I never ran.  I didn't run to make it to appointments on time, I didn't run to get to the pension on time.  Elder Johnson and Elder Tapia and I always run.  We are always sprinting to make it to places on time.  For example, Saturday we had 2 lessons, one on both sides of our area.  The first lesson was a reference from a member of a friend that her boyfriend had died.   The member had given her the gospel principles book.  She told us that every time she wakes up in the night crying she reads the part about the spirit world and the resurrection.  We taught her about the plan of salvation and gave her a Book of Mormon.  On the complete other side of our area we had another lesson.   We took off, we didn't run all the way but we got to the point where we saw the city bus so we full on sprinted and it ended up being the wrong bus so we waited a minute and another bus came.  We had to travel a distance that would usually take us 45 min to walk and we made it there in 25 minutes.  That's some dedication.  

Yesterday we had an activity with all the members that was really solid.  We started doing some missionary training.  The missionaries just share how the missionaries can help with the work.  Elder Tapia and I talked about being a light and we read a scripture in 3 Nephi 12:18.  It was so cute this little kid who is  a convert wanted to read a scripture.  We were talking about the Light of Christ and how we should let it shine and we should hold it up so everyone can see it.  He's about 8 years old and he reads this scripture and then I asked him what this scripture mean.  He sits there for a minute thinking and then he says you know that  really bright light on my Grandma's porch and it's always on and always shining super bright and it's like that.  Wow.  The sisters taught how we can share the gospel with our friends and family and we did a little practice and ended up getting 3 references.  It was a great week, we worked really hard this week.  The upcoming week we have a ton of meetings.  We have consejo and zone meeting and multi zone meeting so this whole week will be full of meetings.  

2 days ago we were planning in the night.  I was like oh look October is over, and then I remembered it was Halloween.  I'd completely forgot because no one celebrates it here.  That's about it I love you guys tons, I hope everything is good there in Utah!  One other thing our mission president has challenged us to read the whole Book of Mormon in November so that's pretty fun.  I love reading the Book of Mormon, I love the mission, I love everything about it.  I love you guys too, I'll be talking to you later and I'll see you in 2 months through Facetime. Chao, chao.

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