Sunday, November 29, 2015


Good morning ladies and gentlemen. How are you? That’s so good! I feel like I start these things the same every single time, let me see if I can do something creative…. Nope that’s all I got. 

So it was a good week um we didn’t have a lot of time in the area this week, we had a lot of meetings but it was good. 

Monday we were going to make pizza, but then we didn’t have the dough to make pizza. So we didn’t make pizza I just cooked up all of the pepperonis, the onion, and the cheese and put in in the pan and I ended up making a Philly Cheese steak sandwich type of thing, Without steak, it was alright. Um other than that this week Wednesday we took out a turn in the, well you guys don’t know that word, lemme see if I can explain this, a place where people get married. And we took out a turn, which means we basically take out a time and place to get married, so we went and we got a turn for this Thursday, at 11:30 in the morning, but GyA their doing good, that’s true, their doing good, but they’re kind of doubting if they should get baptized or not. A, her mom is really christiano… Christiano?. She is with a different church and she is really faithful to her church and we think she is telling stuff to A and A is kind of doubting. G is doubting with her. So yes they do want to get married, but they’re doubting if they should get baptized. Saturday we had an amazing lesson with them the spirit guided so much and they were able to learn a lot of things, but they didn’t come to church. We don’t know why. We passed by last night to see what happened and they weren’t home so we called and they didn’t answer. So were just a little worried about them um they had a date for this weekend to get baptized but we will see what happens, just keep them in your prayers because they need that little extra push, right there, right there, but yeah. On 

Tuesday we woke up at morning got  ready headed out to Resistencia at 5 in the morning and got there at like 7:30, we had Consejo, which is the big meeting with all the zone leaders and all the mission, it was pretty good. President talked about being obedient, he talked about wanting to baptize and raising our faith. I think I told you guys he gave us a challenge to read the whole Book of Mormon this month. Its 22 pages a day, which is kind of actually hard because we have personal study for one hour and that is about all we have to read, we can’t just read in the street we have to work, so we spend all of our studies just reading the Book of Mormon but I like the Book of Mormon it’s fun. Solid, good book. I’m pretty sure it’s true, I’ll have to pray about it, haha. 

Um this week we also had a different meeting, the Multizone meeting. That was Thursday and alright we, me and elder Tapia are in zone Formosa uno, Formosa one, which means we are the first zone in Formosa which means every time there is a meeting in Formosa there is five zones that come, and we are in charge of all the food so we found this place that sells Arabian Tacos, they’re pretty good, and we bought like 50 of them, we go hard. And we had to buy the fruit all the drinks. I really am sorry about my English. I actually kind of feel dumb. But what are you going to do about it, I’ll just learn it when I get back. I don’t need it right now.  

What else happened? Ah we found some solid investigators this week, Named M and the B family. last week it was raining and we found them in the rain. Like we contacted her in the rain and she said “Well my parents aren’t home, you guys are going to have to come a different day.” So we went back this week on Monday and we found her and we had a solid… wait no, we had a lesson from last week but we had another lesson this week. We got there and she had read the Book of Mormon but she didn’t really like it. She said “this isn’t really my bible I don’t like it.” But we read 3 Nephi 11 with her and we talked about baptism ant then Friday we went with GyE, which are two members recent converts in our area and the family C we went with them and it was super solid, we had a great lesson. The recent converts explained to them their conversion, what they did, what they have to do, and it was just solid. Saturday we had an open house, a church open house and they came. We showed them the church, we sang a song, showed them the baptismal font. Then we ate some popcorn some cookies and some juice and watched the video Joseph Smith and the restoration.  Then a bunch of members had come with them and M said she was confused she didn’t know which church was true and all the members just testified to her. It was just *long whistle* It was one of the better lessons I’ve had in my whole mission and I didn’t even say anything Whew! I’m gunna take note of that. The less I say the better the lesson goes. I’m just going to have Elder Tapia teach all the lessons. This Sunday, but then they didn’t come to church, I didn’t get that. They said they were going to come but then they didn’t come to church. You know I can’t get mad because I feel like we are working as hard as possible. Like sure we can always do a little bit better but, I feel like we are working as hard as possible but people just aren’t coming to church. Oh wait wait wait I’m lying, J he came to church, we did have someone come to church. He is a 9 year old of a family and they are all members but he isn’t so far. And he came to church for the 1st time and he is going to get baptized not next week, but the week that follows. That is if he goes to church next week, but he is going to go to church next week. I got the faith. 

I have something sad to say, really sad to say, and after I say it I’m going to take a little moment of silence, alright. But I don’t want you guys to feel bad it’s not your fault. The shoes that you sent me with Elder Johnson already are destroyed. Moment of Silence. Ah. I walk a lot alright. But don’t feel bad it’s ok. It’s my fault I shouldn’t have walked so much. Anyway this week we were looking for people that fix shoes. There is a lot of people that fix shoes here I don’t know why. I don’t know what you call them in the English either but they are called Zapateros in Spanish. So we were looking for some Zapateros to fix my shoes. And we found one, C and we took out an estimate on how much it’s going to cost to replace everything, it’s like 20 bucks but hey its ok! I gotta walk, I gotta walk and I need shoes, and if I need shoes I’m just gunna buy it. But we also taught him a lesson and it was actually a really solid lesson because I felt like the scripture that in D&C, don’t ask me what It says in English cause I only know it in Spanish but it’s like, talks about how there is lots of people among other sects, denominations that are hidden from the truth because they know not where to find it. Or something like that. But anyways I feel like that is kind of him. He’s evangelist. But I think he just wants, well he’s evangelist because he doesn’t know the truth. So we taught him about the restoration and you could see that he really understood and then we gave him the Book of Mormon and he really wants to read the Book of Mormon, but it was actually a pretty solid lesson. 

Like I said we weren’t in the area so much because Tuesday we weren’t even in Formosa, Wednesday we had to get everything together for the meeting and so we only had like 2 hours in the area, Wednesday we had the whole day in the meeting and then Thursday we were in the area, Friday too, and Saturday. But anyways yesterday we went to (ow) Time out I gotta do something.  We are slowly having more attendance little by little. First time we had like 12, second time 15, this time we had 20. Whew! Yeah! Salvation Whew! And on top of that one of the members gave us a reference of one of his friends. So we are going to go visit her this Wednesday. 

It’s pretty solid, we have so many people that are so close to progressing but they just don’t want to go to church. Just go to church! Go to church people it’s not that hard! Just go to church. Galey. But I can’t complain. Like I said I’m working hard I’m happy I just want to make the best use of the little time I have left. Well I’ve got a lot of time but it goes by fast. So I want to take advantage of it. But the work is good, this is the true church, be obedient, Go to church family and friends. Go to church! It’s important tell you what. But anyways love you guys tons, hope you have a good week. I’ll keep you in my prayers and I’ll see you later. 

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