Sunday, November 29, 2015

11-23-15 Weekly Jazz

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas (music)  Yes that's right I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, by that I mean people dressed up in white getting baptized. Hello family how are you?  Today in Argentina is the national elections, a few weeks ago was national elections and I had to stay in the pension all day long.  Well the elections tied so that everyone has to vote again, so we are in the pension again because it can be a little dangerous if people don't like who wins.  So here we are sitting in the pension all day, reading our scriptures, taking a nap, living the missionary life to the fullest. 

We had a baptism Saturday.  Jose Louis got baptized.  Everything went perfectly as planned.  We've been stopping by their house all week to teach him everything he needed to get baptized.  We talked to the dad a little, he got baptized and then he started drinking again.  The alcohol started making him sick so he was forced to stop drinking, he's actually a really great guy.  He's semi-truck driver for a full-time job.  The other day he had a whole bunch of bread that was about to expire so he gave us like $20 in bread, sweet!  We've been eating a lot of bread.  He hasn't been to church in a long time but he came to his son's baptism.  Right after his son got baptized, the smile on his face was HUGE!  I baptized Jose Louise, we had asked a member to baptize him but he didn't show up so I threw on the white clothes and threw him in the water.  Actually I baptized him; it was super fun.  We confirmed today and everything turned out great.
Last Monday we were walking around in our area and we ran in to a member.  I guess what happened is some of the Elders here were teaching her husband.  Her husband is a smart guy, he's a heart Dr and he knows what he's talking about.  He really liked what the Elders were sharing.  The Elders were white washed out and the new Elders didn't come so they were forgotten about.  He's really good but the only thing is he doesn't have any time.  He's really busy with his job, so that was a good find this week.  Also an Elder in our Zone is talking with an ex missionary that served here.  He was talking with one of his converts and she said to pass by.  Long story short, we got her address and we met her husband too.  They said they were going to come to church.  The only people that came to church this week was GyA, because it's the voting the people have to go to go to  far away places to go vote.  It's kind of complicated but it's OK because the work moves on.  This week it rained a lot so it flooded a lot of houses in our area.  The river was huge.  The house of GyA almost flooded.  German said he was praying a lot that it wouldn't flood and it didn't flood.  Also we've still been teaching C.  She is doing so great.  She came to the baptism.  She couldn't come to church today because she had to go to a little city 3 hours away to vote and left at 7AM.  She really wanted to come to church, she loved the baptism.  More than anything she said she loves the hymn book.  Also Maria, she wants to get baptized the only thing is she hasn't come to church yet.  She's already prayed, she's felt the spirit, she knows it's all true she just needs to come to church a few times and then she'll get baptized. 
We went to Lysee and we contacted a few references that a few of the members gave us there.  We had some pretty solid lessons.  A special experience that I had this week was yesterday we showed up to the baptism.  It was starting at 6, Elder Tapia and I showed up at 5:55 and no one was there.  We waited 10 more minutes and Claudi showed up, we waited a little more and the family showed up.  No one else showed up.  Brother M was not very happy that no one was there, I was praying to help us and then the Bishop, 1st Counselor, and more people showed up.  After the baptism GyA were going to come to the baptism because G wanted to see a baptism before he was baptized.  They didn't show up so we called them and he said they weren't going to be able to make it because they got in a fight and he had to leave.  The baptism started at 7 and finished at 8 and we have to be at our house at 9.  At 8:10 we were waiting for a bus.  They lived a half hour away walking so there would be no way we could walk, teach them and get back in time.  We were waiting for a bus and the busses were not coming.  I said another prayer to please send us a bus and then right when I prayed I looked up to the main road and one of the members, elders quorum president was passing by.  I yelled Hermano stop, stop!  He stopped his car and took us to the lesson because he lived kind of close.  German had left the house because he was mad.  We talked to Angela about love and Jesus Christ and the basics.  We talked a little sense in to her and then we left we decided to call Herman on his cell phone to talk a little sense in to him too.  When we called Angela answered the phone.  In the lesson I had said the first prayer and I had prayed that German would come back to the house and so they could go to the church.  So we called G and A answered his phone.  He had come back to the house, YES!  Basically God answers prayers and he answered my prayers 3 times last night.  He answered it different than how I had thought. 
This is the last week of the transfer we are going to work really hard.  I hope I don't leave, I think that I'll stay for Christmas.  There are some great people that are going to get baptized.  They just have to come to church a few times.  I'm happy, the work is good, it's not white here, it's really hot still.  I don't think it's going to snow here.  It's OK because it's like I said people are going to get dressed in white and get baptized and we'll call it a white Christmas.  Love you guys done, see you later.

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