Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Happy Birthday to Grandma! (in a very out of tune song)  If she's in Hawaii please send this to her and tell her that I love her and happy birthday.  Another week that went by way too fast.  Tuesday was our p-day.  We were in a trio because one missionary was going to train and his companion didn't get here until Wednesday.  We walked around in a trio, it's super fun.  Two Mormon missionaries in white shirts and ties is already enough but 3!  Wow people just running and hiding but it was fun and it makes everything more interesting.  Wednesday the missionary left to go get his new missionary straight from the MTC straight from the USA.  Wednesday we walked a lot but couldn't teach anyone.  We didn't have any lessons, in the afternoon we had to back to the terminal.  I think this week I been in the terminal for about 14 hours this week.  It's nearly a full time job, I should get paid, I do get paid.  I get paid in blessings.  We had to go receive the 2 new missionaries to our zone.  One is from Brazil and one is straight from Springville Utah and he's as green as it comes.  Thursday there was a white wash in area in our zone.  The Elders were so lost so we had to go buy them a map.  That night we went to teach German and Angela.  He put an AC in his house.  What happens is you have to put something that is called Machimbre which is wood that you have to put below the roof.  All the roofs here are made of metal.  When the sun comes out it gets really hot so you have to put wood blow it so all the cool air stays in your house.  We helped him with this.  It was fun, I kind of like it and I'm pretty good at it too.  I'm thinking about starting a Machimbre store when I get home.

Yesterday was a good day we had 7-8 lessons.  We found a new family, they had listened to missionaries about a year ago.  They had been to church but they didn't want to get married and they didn't understand very well.  We're going to try again.  We visited the family A.  She is neighbors to a member but she wakes up at 11AM every day so that's a tough one but that's OK.  We taught a few lessons to the family C, Brother N, we taught some good lessons.  Today is Sunday I'm recording this because we stayed in the pension allllllllllllll day long.  Today in Argentina is the elections, they are voting for a new president and all the local leaders here in Formosa.  It's been a little boring but actually kind of fun to just chill.  I actually wrote you guys a letter so you should be getting that in 4-5 weeks.  Read some scriptures, took a nap and now I'm recording this.  That's about all that happened this week it wasn't super eventful with being in the terminal.  I'm looking forward to this week.  We're looking hard for new investigators because we usually have some great prospects but so far the people we are teaching don't want to come to church.  It's been kind of hard to find new people.  We've found some hard hearted people and it's all good.  Today we listened to a talk by Elder Holland and for Jesus Christ it wasn't easy He had to suffer a lot so why should it be easy for us.  Some of the hardest times on my mission have taught me some of the best things.  Equally I'm raising my faith and my hope and we're going to baptize people.  I'll make sure that more things happen this week.  Next Monday I'll be telling you crazy stories of all the people we've met and all the people we've baptized.  Just hold on to your....what is it, hold on to your butchers, no that's not it.  I don't remember how to say it but anyone love you guys a ton and see you later.

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