Sunday, November 29, 2015


It's raining hard here.  It's been raining since 3 in the morning, all morning long.  We had a great week this week.  I told you guys last week that my shoes are absolutely destroyed.  I have 3 pairs of shoes right now.  One pair of shoes Elder Harris gave me, they are a little bit broken in.  Another pair of shoes I brought to the mission that the bottom is worn out.  They have holes in them and dirt gets in.  I have the pair that you sent me and where I step on the heel is just a hole.  They are destroyed.  Monday we were walking around and there was a guy outside fixing shoes, we stopped and talked to him.  We stopped by later and gave him my shoes.  It cost me $250 pesos, like $25 so now I have comfortable shoes again.  It was terrible because my feet were dying but it's all good now. 
A few weeks ago we found M, M, and L that we're teaching.  They are really cool young adults.  They are confused about their religion.  We've been teaching them and gave them a Book of Mormon but they haven't felt that it's true.  Last week we had an activity for them but they didn't come.    Maria read on her phone a lot of garbage about the church.  Luckily she didn't believe in a lot of the stuff she read.  One of the things that she didn't really understand was baptism for the dead.  She thought that we baptized dead bodies which is a little creepy so I can understand.  We explained it to her so she's not completely convinced but she felt better about it.  We had a lesson in the church before the activity.  We helped them  see the changes in their life since they started learning about the gospel.  They have more understanding of the purpose of life.  We are trying to help them understand that those are answers from God.  I think they are waiting for an angel to appear and tell them that the Mormon church is true.  That's never going to happen, well maybe but it's never happened to me.  They stayed for the activity after the lesson.  Out of nowhere M started feeling super sick, she started feeling depressed.  We gave her a blessing and then she left.  She didn't come to church because she's been sick.  We've also been teaching J and he is going to get baptized this weekend.  He'll get baptized this Saturday if it all goes good so pray for J.

G and A got married.  We threw rice at their wedding, they were really happy.  When we first started teaching them they would always fight and now they treat each other a lot better.  They get along a lot better  It's really cool to see how reading scriptures, going to church  and praying changes lives.  I don't think it's a coincidence.  No wonder Jesus teaches this.  The activity we had Saturday was for them, we made them a cake.  G came over and we baked the wedding cake with him.  We had the cake and a little wedding shower and a bunch of the members came.  We played a game like musical chairs.  It was a fun activity, they really enjoyed it.  It was crazy during the activity some kids outside were throwing rocks at cars.  The church is on a main street and right next to the church is a police station.  The kids threw rocks and broke some windows.  The guy driving the car called the police and the kids tried hiding in the church, they ran through the church and in to the back field but he church is completely surrounded by a fence.  The police ran through, caught and hand cuffed them.  We left to go wash my hands and came back to the police.  They looked very focused and looking for the kids.  We had to go through the whole church and make sure there were no bad guys.  Luckily they got them.  Fun activity.
Friday we had some baptismal interviews for some Elders in our zone.  I interviewed a few people for their baptism.  We've also been teaching someone named C.  C, her son died.  Her son was the boyfriend of a recent convert.  She was super sad and another member gave her a gospel doctrine book and marked the pages about the spirit world.  Every time that she's sad about her son's death she just gets up and starts reading gospel principles.  She's never been to church before.  The member gave us a reference of her.  We've been teaching her a few weeks now.   She's progressing very well now but she didn't come to church.  She's accepted baptism.  She's reading the Book of Mormon.  We promise peace blessings and happiness.  That's really what everyone wants and that's what the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives. 
The day before the wedding we had a little lesson.  The day was a bad day.  We had walked from tim-buck-two and back.  My feet were killing me and we walked so far and I had these big blisters.  It was actually a good experience.  We were walking down this super long street and knocked on an investigators door but they weren't home and then we walked back down this super long street.  Looking at the street I thought wow is there another way, could we catch a bus?  Then I thought of Jesus Christ when he was about to perform the atonement and he asked the Father is there some other way.  There was no other way so he just did it and there was no other way for me so I just started walking and did it.  We walked an hour and got to the house of our investigators.  We sat down and he tells us he has some bad news.  He said they weren't going to get married and they were going to break up.  He said he was going to another city and they weren't going to church any more.  She was outside the house and from outside she heard what he was saying and she was telling us that he was lying.  He started dying of laughter and thought he was so funny.  She wasn't ready to get baptized so we asked her to read and pray.  She read and prayed and she got an answer.  She prayed and asked God to guide her and give her an answer.  She opened the Book of Mormon.  She opened up and read Isaiah that says Oh house of Israel you that have left the waters of baptism.  She read that and took it as her answer that she needs to get baptized.  She's set to get baptized the 28th of November.  Hopefully everything turns out good this week.  

I love you a lot,  I hope you aren't too cold in Utah.  Don't worry it's hot here in Formosa.   Love you tons, see you later.

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