Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I got a new companion but am in the same area, Elder Carrizales he is from Wyoming...so I'm excited:)  He's been in the mission 5 months.  What are you guys up to up in the frozen barren land of the north?

I spaced doing a recording because of transfers but I'll fill you in a little.  This week it was suuuuupppperrr hot, hit 123 degrees Fahrenheit, and then it rained Saturday so no when came to church sadly... but that's the mission. The investigators are doing really good even though they didn't go to church.. We taught A and To the law of chastity and they actually kind of want to get married so that is nice... J is having trouble smoking still but really wants to be baptized. D and C are doing really good basically D already stopped smoking but C isn't married yet... and her boyfriend doesn't really like us I don't think.... We are also finding some good new people but they haven't come to church quite yet... o and I traded a drunk guy my belt for his shirt it's a loooong story but I'll tell you in less than four months ;) 

I'm still working as hard as I can even the end is coming, it's actually a better reason to work hard.

Love you all tons and talk to you next week........ 

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