Sunday, February 21, 2016


This week, Monday, p-day.  There’s this place in our area to write home and went there and they didn’t have internet so we took the bus to the next town and wrote from there.  We had a lesson with R, a new guy we are teaching.    He is about 25, has a daughter with his girlfriend and he is really cool.  He has some great potential he just needs to start ready the Book of Mormon right now.
Tuesday morning we went and did service.  Last week we found this lady named B.  She’s set for a baptism but not a date yet.  She didn’t make it to church but she’s going to go next week.  We asked her if there was anything we could do for her and she said my son needs to paint his room.  Her son is 18 so we painted his room.  Apple Green was the color of the paint.  We put the first coat on for her.  It was fun but super hot.

Tuesday night we got home from working about 9PM.  We got showered and put our church clothes back on and left at 11:30 PM.  We got on a bus at 12:30 AM and got to Resistencia at 7:15AM.  I slept but it wasn’t a deep or comfortable sleep.  My companion had to do paperwork so he could be legal.  There was another missionary there, Elder Johnson, we have some common friends.  He’s pretty cool, I met him at the beginning of my mission.  He’s a transfer ahead of me and his companion was also doing paperwork.  We basically spent the whole day together.  We went to a big super market and walked around all day.  We had some ice cream and Subway.  Just chilled for the day.  At about 3PM my companion came back and we took a bus to Formosa, about a 2 hour drive.  We spent the night there in my old pension with Elder Tapia and Elder Webster.  

Thursday we had multi zone meeting and we watched the missionary broadcast that we had missed when the power went out.  President Franco talked to us about how to follow the spirit.  I liked it a lot.  We missed our bus to get back to our area.  We left on the 8:30PM bus and got back at 2:30 in the morning.  Then we got up at 6:30AM and worked a full day. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were kind of rough.  A few of our investigators are falling away.  J, we think she’s hiding from us.  She didn’t come to church, she left us a message that she was moving.  We went to stop by to see how she was doing.  Her daughter came out and we asked if her mom was home.  She walked in the back yard and said “Mom the Mormons are here”  she came back and said her mom wasn’t home but she just talked to her behind the house.  D and her granddaughter came to church.  Some other investigators slept in and didn’t come.    Pray for my investigators because they need it.  They are such great people I just need to be patient.  It’s just hard to see their potential and see them not want to reach it.  

Saturday was sweet.  There was a ward I mean group baptism.  There’s 2 active families here and their son turned 8 so he got baptized.  We went to their house in the afternoon.  We hopped in the uncles truck and went out in the middle of no where to a pond.  

They dressed in white, went in the pond and baptized him.  Right after he was baptized all the kids threw off their clothess and went swimming.  Our ride didn’t come back for about an hour and a half so we just had a little picnic there and chilled.  The parents and all the kids swam.

This week we spent about  20 hours on a bus in 2 days.   That’s about 1750 pesos which is about $150 traveling and we only have about $190 the whole month so we’re eating rice.    Someone started a rumor here that we are here to steal their water.  The other day we were walking  down the street and this lady asked us what we were doing here.  We said we were teaching about Jesus Christ and she said no you’re not you’re here to steel our sweet water.  We disagreed with her but she insisted that we are in Argentina to steal the water.  It didn’t make much sense but oh well.

Anyway love you all bye!

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