Monday, March 21, 2016


Hello family how is it going?  I don't know why but the last two weeks I've forgot to record something so I stepped outside the cyber and am sitting on the grass making this recording.  It's a pretty day here in Argentina, not too hot and it may rain.  It's probably about 80 degrees and beautiful.  This week went really good and we've been teaching a lot.  We didn't find anyone new this week but the investigators are doing good.  The only person that came to church was D.  What happened is this last weekend was the carnival in Las Lomitas.  The carnival here is a little different than it is in Payson.  What I've heard is it is like Mardi Gras..  So we went back to the pension early Friday and Saturday early for obvious reasons.  But the carnival is over now and I think that is why a lot of people didn't go to church because they went to watch worldly things. 

This last Tuesday we had a missionary transmission and Elder Bednar taught it and it was sooooo good. He was in Buenos Ares and he did a transmission for all of the south America south area.  Also I made some root bear this week.  A missionary gave me some root beer extract so I bought some "gasified" soda and I put the extract in it and it was good.  It wasn't as good as home.  It was kind of like a flat soda that's been in the fridge for 2 weeks but it was good. 

J is doing good, she hasn't been to church but we'll see how it goes with her.  A and D, we had a really good week.  They are still talking about the whole marriage thing but they didn't come to church.  I'm not sure why, we'll go by tonight and see.  C and D are doing good too.  Yesterday we taught them the law of chastity and the word of wisdom.  Poor C wants to get baptized so bad but she feels it's impossible for her but we explained it to her, read some scriptures, and bore testimony.  She says it might take her a little bit of time but she's going to start trying.  

I did get a new comp.  His name is Elder Carrizales, he's from Wyoming.  He's a good guy.  He's got the same amount of time in the mission as my last companion.  He tries really hard to be a good missionary which I like.  He is a good missionary.

Last Monday there was this drunk guy and he came up to us and threatened our lives.  He grabbed us by the ties and we started talking to him trying to get him to calm down a little bit.  I told him I liked his shirt, just shooting the breeze trying to become friends with this drunk guy.  He said I really like your belt.  It was a belt I think that we bought in TJ Maxx for like $8.  It was a Donald Trump belt.  It was really beat up.  He said I'll trade you my shirt for your belt.  So I got this new shirt, it's kind of gross.  I tried to clean it off but I'm going to bring it back to the states as a memory.  The drunk guy that gave me a shirt.

Here's a tick that we had to burn out so I didn't get lime disease :)

A huge tree that the wind knocked over in to the road.

Love you guys tons, I hope you have a great week.  Bye.

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