Monday, February 1, 2016


Here's comes the sun, da da da da da.  Right now I'm on a bus and the sun is barely coming up.  It's 8 in the morning and I'm so cold because the AC is blowing full blast.  Today is p-day, we got up early and took the 7AM bus to get to Eberreta and we'll have our p-day there because tomorrow we have district meeting there.  When we go there then we know we'll have computers to write on.  It's safer that way.  How is it going?  January is already ended and starting February, woot!  Dad happy birthday.  I didn't forget, mom didn't even have to remind me because I remember, what a good son I am.  But what I don't remember is how many years you are completing this year.  How do you say that in English, you turn.  How many years do you turn this year?  50? pretty sure it's 50 this year hahaha.  Let's go 50, happy 50th birthday dad.  That's what I'm talking about.  I hope you have a great one.  Happy Birthday

P-day last week was a mess because we couldn't get internet anywhere.  So we took a bus to a city an hour away from us with only one computer in the church so we had to share computers and only had about an hour and 15 min on the computer but it is what it is.  After we left we went and sat on the side of the main highway.  We waited for a bus to pass by for about an hour to get a ride back to Las Lomitas.  Tuesday we did service.  In the morning we cleaned the baptismal font.  When I say baptismal font I mean the plastic pool at a less active members house. 

After that we went to another less active lady and visited her and her daughter.  They are the M family.  She had some dirt piles that she wanted us to spread out.  We also breaking bricks so she can do cement in the floor of her house.  In a few weeks we'll do some more service for her.  We're going to put down cement in her house.  That was fun.

Monday night after we got back to our area we were walking to see R to finish the teachings for his baptism.  We were walking around and ran in to the 2 return missionaries from a different province that came to church last week.  They had an aunt and cousins that lived close and asked if we wanted to meet them.  We basically went on divisions and got some references.  We invited them to church and gave them a Book of Mormon.  They showed up to church so that was pretty cool. 
We've been teaching J, the lady we gave a blessing.  She came to church yesterday.  We found her in the morning and walked to church together.  She said she really like it.  We've been teaching the family F.  They are sweet, they are so cool.  We visited them Saturday and they said they were coming to church.  We called them Sunday morning but they didn't answer.  We passed by their house twice on Sunday but no one was home.

Thursday and Friday I went on divisions with Elder Porter, my zone leader.  I went to Ivareda.  We took a bus at 2pm and it was so hot.  The bus didn't have AC and it was honestly a very gross feeling of getting off the bus after 2 hours of sweating.  You feel so gross.  You know that movie flubber.  I imagine that's how flubber feels all the time.  Gross and gooey and grimmey and yuck.  

Friday night we were walking back to our house.  We were walking on the main road.  A guy said Elders how are you?  We talked to him for a minute and he told us he was a member from Formosa.  He asked about church here and he had come to do some interviews in Las Lomitas because it was 47 degrees Celsius or about 118 degrees Fahrenheit.    He was doing interviews to see how people live here in the heat.  So that was fun we walked around in that all day.  We kept walking down the same road and all of a sudden this huge wind picked up.  A storm was blowing in from out of nowhere.    There was a path way we were walking down with trees on both sides of the pathway.  All of a sudden we hear a big crack and this HUGE tree branch falls behind us.  Literally if we would have been seconds later we would have been smashed by the tree.  It was pretty crazy.  It got the adrenaline going.

Yesterday we were going to visit an investigator family with a member family.  We thought it would be the member mom & dad and we went to pick them up.  When we showed up the whole family was ready to go.  Mom, dad and 4 kids.  So there was 6 of us walking down the street.  We had so many people looking at us.  It was the first time I've done divisions with the whole family.  It was so cool.  We ate some guizos also with them.

The baptism Saturday went great.  I baptized him.  It was a short service.  The pool that we baptized him in was so shallow.  If we baptize any adults I don't know what we'll do.  He went all the way under.  He was confirmed Sunday. 

That's about it.  But this mission is still going great.  It's always better when you baptize so we're going to keep baptizing .  So that's this week, love you tons.  Bye!

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