Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Weekly Letter Audio

This week for Tanner's letter he sent it in MP3 format.  In summary he said.....

All the young people get together and play soccer every Tuesday and Thursday at the church so he and Elder Johnson went told everyone to come and watch a video about Jesus Christ.  Now they are teaching 4 or 5 of those youth and a couple have come to church.

O, who they met playing soccer, stopped smoking and is probably going to get baptized next week.

Last Tuesday the father of the C family read Ether 12 and decided it's time to get baptized.  Their kids have already been baptized but the father wasn't quite ready.    When they got done teaching this family it was late , close to 9:30, and they had to be back in their apt by 9:30 and they had to run the whole way home.

Last Sunday M, who is 17, had to go to Clorinda to get his mom to  sign a paper to give permission to get baptized.  He left Monday and said  he'd  be home Thursday but he didn't get back until Saturday morning so they thought they'd have to move the baptism back.  But a member  called them Saturday morning and said get over to the church and get M ready for his baptism.  They ran around all  morning getting everything ready and he got baptized.  About 14 people attended the baptism and M was very happy.

Stake Conference was Sunday and he sang in a choir,  he said they sounded pretty bad.  Elder Johnson, his companion, only has 1 week left before he goes home.  He's paying a little more attention to all the streets so that he's ready.  Since they keep baptizing they have to keep looking for new people but the members are helping a ton and the Lord is blessing them.  He said he'd stay in Formosa the rest of his mission if he could, it's easily his favorite area.  "Formosa is the best and the hottest!"

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