Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekly Jazz 9-28-15

I just didn't know how to start out the recording so we sang you a song.  This week was a really good week.  I'll start with Tuesday we went on divisions and I was with Elder Richie, who has 6 months in the mission.  He's really cool, we went and taught a few lessons and helped a few people come unto Christ.  We went to the family Cespedes and we ate lunch there but we cooked.  Elder Richie and I took those seasoning packages that you guys send me in the mail of Chinese food.  We really switched it up eating Chinese rice with kung pau chicken.  It was so good.  The truth is there is like 3 things people here eat.  Fried Chicken, gesso (which is basically spaghetti) and empanadas with an occasional hamburger and that's about it.  There are NO Chinese restaurants and they loved it, so that was pretty fun, could you send me some more of those please.

Thursday we stayed in the pench almost all day long, my companion got sick.  I don't know what he has but honestly (this is kind of vulgar).  He has blown out more snot than his actual body weight.  It's just a fountain that keeps flowing, ridiculous.  So we had to stay in Thursday and he also had a stomach attack.  But he took like a 9 hour nap and he's good now. 

Saturday we had a baptism.  Guadalupe, she asked me to baptize her so that was really cool.  It was special for her and her mom because her mom has been less active for 6 years and has decided to come back.  They were both really happy so that was really fun to see.  And guess what?  I have, well I had, another in grown toenail.  It was Wednesday  morning I woke up and my toe was red and swollen and I knew it was coming but I didn't know what to do so I just left it.  Then it finally started hurting so right before studies in the morning I grabbed a little pair of scissors, I clipped it vertically and I grabbed the tweezers and just yanked out the ingrown part.  And it felt so good!  Oh wait it hurt so bad!!  But I don't know what happened so yesterday I limped everywhere we went but what am I supposed to do, not walk.  If I don't walk I don't work, and if I don't work then people don't get baptized, and if people don't get baptized they don't go to the Celestial Kingdom and that's a problem.  This morning I woke up and it feels pretty good.  I think my first day home I'm going to have to go get a pedicure.  The other day I was reading the scripture and I came across a scripture that does not apply to me whatsoever.  It says "how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publishes peace and publish salvation" that's a great scripture and all but it just does not apply to me.  I wouldn't call me feet beautiful.  But that's just how life is right. 
Church yesterday H & L came again and they aren't married.  It was pretty funny because we hadn't talked about the law of chastity yet because they weren't certain about getting baptized.  We went over there and sat down and H says "you didn't tell us we have to get married to get baptized?" I told him it was a commandment from God and the first thing he said is it's impossible that we are going to get married, but we had a great lesson.  They fight a little bit and don't feel comfortable getting married.  We talked about repentance and Jesus Christ and the law of chastity.  It was a great lesson, we invited them to read the scriptures and pray together and I'm sure they are going to get married. 
Politics are huge here right now.  Every billboard here is political leaders.  Stickers on every car, posters all over.  Honestly it's incredible.  The voting is coming up in a few weeks.  Last p-day my companion and I are walking to the supermarket to buy our food for the week.  We were walking on the main road and I saw a car with men with suits and I thought it was weird because the only people that wear suits here are the Mormons.  Then I realized it was the governor of Formosa.  We were walking past and I waved and he totally ignored me, so don't vote for Gildo.  Not everyone can say they've seen the governor of Formosa. 
That's about it, next week is general conference and I'm excited for that.  We have interviews with President Franco tomorrow.  A little one on one conversation with President Franco will be good.  The mission is going so good.  It's just going way too fast, and way too good.  I'm so blessed, it's hard to describe. 

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