Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekly Jazz Stuff Cool

Good morning, how's it going?  Another week went by way too fast but that's ok.  How are you family?  I'm Elder Simmons and I'll tell you what happened this week.    I don't know what's up with Elder Tapia and I eating so much crocodile.    We made crocodile empanadas and they are super good.  Crocodile we decided tastes like chicken and tuna mixed together, so good stuff.
Another story, about a month and a half ago I'm on divisions with Elder Espinosa and we're in his area.  He has 1 month in the mission and he tells me I don't really like contacting and I've never really done it before.  So I tell him the first person we see we're going to contact.  We walk to this person and we talked to him and long story short he ended up getting baptized.  That's cool and now he wants to serve a mission.  After he was baptized he put his information on so the missionaries would contact him.  I called him and said I hear you want the missionaries to stop by.  He says ya I already got baptized so I got to talk him.  Another cool Story, S from Resistencia that her 2 kids got baptized, she ended up getting baptized this week.   That was super cool.  The assistants called me Saturday morning and told us they were coming to do divisions but they'd just seen S get baptized.   I asked if it was possible that I talk with her and so they passed me the phone and I talked to her and that was really special.  I'm not going to lie I was so happy, hard to describe.
We had divisions with the assistants, they came and stayed the night with us Saturday.  We had the baptism Saturday too.  4 people got baptized.  M, his dad is not his legal dad came up to us in church and said he wanted to baptize his son.  We went by Tuesday and taught lesson 1,2,3 and then Wednesday we taught all the commandments and baptismal interview.  He's only 8 years old and there's one baptismal question that asks if you have ever committed a crime or killed someone or gone to jail and he answered it yes.  I asked M what he did and he said he used the middle finger one time so it was really funny.  Thursday we went to Resistencia and we listed to President Franco on how to be better missionaries and it really helped me.  I got to see some missionary friends, took pictures, and hardly slept.  Next Saturday we're having another baptism.  Guadalupe, she is a daughter of a less active member that recently has started coming back to church.  She's 9 years old and really mature, she knows her stuff.  That's pretty exciting.  The baptism was great, I made another cake.  The cake didn't turn out so well but at least it looked good, but didn't tast super good.

I assigned some people in the ward to give some talks and one man spoke for 20 min and the lady spoke for 25 min so our baptismal service was nearly 2 hours.  But oh well.  Brother Cbaptized Alcias and that was his first one.  The family C are like little kids about the gospel, like when a little kid gets a new toy at Christmas the play with it all day long.  That's how C family is with the gospel.  They are so excited about it and sharing it with their family that lives next door.  We'll see how that goes.  We're teaching another couple H & I.  They were a reference from another family.  Young couple with 2 little kids.  We've been teaching them for 3 weeks and they've been to church multiple times.  They said they liked it and that it felt like it was their own house and that they'd been there before.  They've committed to be baptized but they aren't married yet so we'll have to have another marriage.  It's been super hot.  There's a picture I'm going to send you guys and it says 111 degrees, but we go out and work.
  Yesterday it was so humid, 105 degrees and the humidity almost killed me.  We walked about 15 blocks to a lesson and by the time we got there I was completely soaked in sweat.  Fun fact Formosa is the hottest part of the mission, I don't know why but it makes it fun.  Technically it's still winter here.  111 degrees and it's still winter.  I don't even know what to say about that and not sure how it will be in summer.  Hopefully I won't melt.  Pray for me.  Anyway love you tons, talk to you later.

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