Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shortest Week of my life

I totally forgot to tell you that last week we went to this super fancy restaurant and I treated myself and my companion to alligator nuggets and a killer pizza on the riverside and the border of Argentina....

 And then this last week for p-day we ate sloppy joes....... Good stuff. This week for p-day we are going to go play some sand volley ball and have a little barbecue.....

Yesterday we went to this little town like an hour away to have a sacrament meeting there... 

the road to the church

you will see in the picture (top left of picture above)  that a chicken laid an egg in what I would guess is the library.  There were 5 people in the sacrament meeting and I blessed the sacrament and the people were sooooooooooooooooo grateful....it was a super humbling experience.  It made me count my blessings.  

As for the work we are still seeing miracles every day. N one of our investigators got permission from his mom to get baptized so we are going to have a baptism this next weekend.... And O our other investigator is dying to throw himself in the waters of baptism.  Also the C family is soooooooooooo close. Last night the mom told us she is ready to be baptized but she’s just waiting for her husband.. and the husband is waiting for a clearer answer.... he’s going to get it.   This last week was a great week. We had a Multizone conference and President Franco talked about obedience.  It was solid and I’m looking for more ways to be obedient.   I went on some divisions with Elder Espinoza who is brand spanking new in the mission and we worked in some of the prettiest parts of Argentina I’ve seen.... but sadly I didn’t take any pictures.. I’m just super happy and I’m just trying to help all the people possible use the sacrifice of Jesus Christ more fully in their lives... and at the same time trying to do the same....and I love it.
Elder Simmons

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