Saturday, September 12, 2015

weekly cartita audio

Transcribed from Tanner's audio letter 

Hello my eternal family, good morning, it's so hard to speak English.  I'm here new week new companion, Elder Tapia from Costa Rica.  Elder Tapia is learning English from me. 

  I'll tell you what happened last week.  Last p-day was SUPER hot, I almost died of heat.  Basically what we did  is we went to down town Formosa and bought a bunch of souvenirs for Elder Johnson and then we ate a delicious pizza.
Tuesday we had lunch with a member from another ward that was so good.  He cooked us empanada's and ice cream and cake and then after all that food he got out his guitar and he and his wife started singing to us.  I recorded it was really cool.

This week we had 3 BBQs, all the members here loved Elder Johnson so they just kept giving him food so I ate way too much last week.  The Family C and O both got baptized this week.  Everything  turned out great with that, it was probably one of the coolest things I've seen on my mission so far is one full family completely baptized.  That was so cool.  O was baptized too , he's a cool kid super spiritual.

The members made a huge cake for it, one layer of chocolate and a layer of coconut with a frosting on top and dulche de leche inside, super good.    The baptism was on Friday and then on Saturday we had an activity where we watched Meet the Mormons and invited everyone, members non-members.

What happened is an Elder in Clorinda had the DVD so they had to sent it to Formosa on a bus.  It got here Saturday morning and we went to go get it but the place where we picked it up was closed.  We didn't know what to do so we went to an internet Cafe to try to download Meet the Mormons but that was really difficult because the church has it pretty protected so we then tried getting on Netflix, Youtube, and  Amazon to rent the video.  That's why I sent the email asking for the password.  That didn't work either so then we went back to the place to get the DVD and it's 5PM at this point and we asked the lady again for the DVD and she said no it's closed you can't have the DVD and then Elder Johnson pulls out 50 pesos, which is like $5, and said we need the DVD.  She said to us wait right here, I'll get the DVD.  It took about another half hour for her to get the DVD to us so the other Elders and Sisters just stalled at the activity, we got the DVD, took it to the activity, watched Meet the Mormons, and one of the recent converts here in our area decided to go on a mission after watching the DVD so that was pretty sweet.  Last Sunday fast and testimony meeting with Elder Johnson and then we went and ate with the Bishop at another BBQ, and then he packed all afternoon long and left at like 6PM, poor guy he was so sad to leave.  He really helped me a lot.  He really loved the people and was a good example for me.     I'm walking the road right now because I didn't have time to record this earlier.  It rained yesterday and the road is destroyed.
That's about it.  Me and Elder Tapia are going to work our bums off to find more people to baptize.  We should have a great transfer.  It's a beautiful day in Argentina, love you guys, talk to you later.

Elder Simmons

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