Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Todo Bien

Another audio file for Tanner's weekly letter.  It's transcribed below

How's it going?  I'm Elder Simmons, I'm 19 years old and I'm a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I'll start by telling you what happened last week.  Last p-day we went to one of the most expensive restaurants in all of Formosa and we bought Alligator, it was so good, it had a four cheese dressing on top and it was $15 a plate.  We spend $80 between 5 missionaries but it was so worth it. 

It was right on the coast of the river of Paraguay and that was really cool.  I got my shoes, thank you so much for the shoes.  I'm going to look so good in all my meetings now with my new brown shoes and the other shoes too.  It just so happened that I had holes in my shoes so that was perfect because I have some new ones.  
Elder Johnson came back with his parents, I met his parents and that was really fun.    We went around with them a little and visited a few people.  Elder Johnson took us around in the car he rented so that was really sweet because I haven't been in a car for over a year.  Last Saturday was my companion's birthday so we ate 3 lunches in 2 days.  Woooohooo.  On his birthday we made ourselves cheesecake
and we already had a lunch planned with a family here in the ward and then they cooked another BBQ after so we had a BBQ and a lunch and I was way too full.  The day before that we had 2 lunches too. 

This is a national day of service where they cleaned up a park.

We are teaching a couple.   We dug a hole for them and then after we dug the hole they gave us like 5 hamburgers each and then they gave us a piece of cake.    After that we went to lunch with another family and oh my I was so full. 

Let's get to talking about the work.   We are teaching this man name Miguel some English classes.  I did English classes in my first area Clorinda a year ago but I didn't like it at all.  I didn't feel like it was very efficient.  There was a man that found us in downtown Formosa in his truck and yelled out at us "I no speak English, teach me teacher."  We said alright we'll teach you and so we started teaching him and it turns out that I'm sure he wanted to learn English but it looks like he wanted to learn a little bit of the gospel too.  He's kind of worried about his son that is passing through his teenage years.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to come to church but he's not in our ward so we'll ask him if he went to church when we teach him again tonight.  That should be fun.
Also we are teaching named A.  A is the husband of the Sister D that got baptized a month ago.  He lived in Paraguay but he came back to Argentina so he is going to get baptized. This one is complicated.  There is a family that all the kids are members but the parents aren't members because the dad doesn't want to get married or baptized, he doesn't want anything to do with the church but the mom goes every week with her kids.   When the parents aren't baptized and one of their kids turned eight but it's a convert baptism because the parents aren't members.  So we're teaching her and she's going  to get baptized this week.  Also the same situation there is a kid that is adopted but not legally and he's living with a member and he turned 8 and he is going to get baptized this weekend too.  
After that we found a less active family.  The family R,who the mom was baptized 20 years ago but she hasn't been going to church for a long time.  Some of the members in our ward told us to pass by and they have a daughter that is 9 years old and she wants to get baptized not this week but next week.  So we have some good work.  Other than that we need to start looking for some new people.  We have a lot of people to teach but they aren't progressing very well, they don't come to church because of some obstacles. 
Funny story,  N, the kid that was baptized 4 weeks ago.  The other day he was walking and he sees some police and they are looking through a house for drugs.   He looks suspicious because he's looking more than he should be and the police see him.  Before N drank, smoke and did drugs so the police know him.  So the police see him, this is after he's been baptized, they pull him over and throw him up against the car and start patting him down and take his backpack off and they open the back pack and there is one thing in the backpack and guess what it is?  His Book of Mormon, that day he was headed to his brother's house to give him a Book of Mormon.  On Saturday we did divisions with him, he's only 17 and he's super cool, I went with him and Elder Tapia went with another kid in the ward.   We went and taught his brother and that was really cool.  That's about it for the work, there's a lot to do here in Formosa.

Today we did something special.  Today we went and bought ground meat but it was ground crocodile.  I don't know what's been going on with eating so much crocodile lately but it seems to be the theme.  We threw some onion, some bell pepper, little bit of egg, little bit of salt and we put it in an empanada.  You guys remember those things from Taco Bell called empanadas that had apples and cinnamon.   They make those here but they aren't sweet, they always put them with chicken or ham & cheese or any meet.  We made empanadas with crocodile and it was really good.  Right now we are getting ready to go out and do the beautiful work again.   We are going to teach the family Cespedes, the ones that got baptized last week.  They are so cool, honestly.  Elder Tapia thought they were members that were baptized 20 years ago because they seem so faithful and come to all the activities and the brother passed the sacrament on Sunday.  I love them so much.  We are having Family Home Evening with them and we are going to share our alligator empanadas with them.  Sunday they made us an asado.  Which is a BBQ with way too much carne, way too much meat.  Wow it was so good and hey guess what.  Even though I'm eating a tone here I've been losing weight.  I lost like 2 pounds this week.  Elder Tapia and I run a little and do a lot of pull ups, so that I can get ready for that beach body when I get back.  Even though I have 10 months to worry about that.  If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at tanner.simmons@myldsmail.net but you can only contact me on Mondays unless it's transfer then it's Tuesday.  Love you tons, have a great week and I'll see you later.

Love Elder Simmons

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