Monday, October 12, 2015

General Conference 10-5-2015

It turns out I have strep throat as of 2 days ago.  But don’t you worry because I’m taking Amoxicilian.  Last P-day we didn’t do much because I had my ingrown toenail.  It was a normal week and we started working.  Wednesday we had interviews with President and we were in charge of buying all the food.  We were buying fruit , drinks and food so we ran around spending a ton of money which was fun.  Thursday in the morning before we had interviews we had to go place the order for the food and then me and Elder Lee, who is an assistant, drove around in the nice Ford Ranger and that was fun, well because we were driving a car.  Interviews were good and president talked about Love and how we can recognize the love from Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.  And through their love it makes us want to live the commandments and be a better person.  I’ve been focusing on love lately, in an appropriate way. 

Friday we didn’t have anything to do in the afternoon and I was debating should we go get my toe checked out by a professional but I was like, don’t be a girl, but then I decided to get it checked out.  We walked around downtown Formosa until we could find a foot doctor.  We found one but she was busy so she sent us to another one.  The Dr looked at my toe and she said it was a good thing I came because it was super infected.  She charged me $20.  She took out a pair of scissors and a knife and cut my toenail more and put some ointment on it and then she’ll look at it again today.  It feels so much better it’s like the burden has been taken off my shoulders.  Although I’m not allowed to wash my foot so I’m not going to lie my foot smells pretty good. 

Conference was solid.  It was fun we watched conference and walked around Formosa buying some things and eating food.  Right before the priesthood session M came and we had a lesson with him.  We saw what he wants out of the missionary lessons.  He wants to learn and isn’t ready to commit to baptism yet.  He did commit to reading the book of Mormon and pray about it but we tricked him there because if he does that he’ll want to get baptized.  Sunday morning A and H came to the Sunday morning of conference.  They really liked it, I hope that it helps them to want to get married.  They are right on the edge of wanting to get married.  They just need a little bit of a push and I think they will get married and get baptized.  Overall conference was a good refresher.  It was a good way to learn that  I have a LOOOOOOng way to do.  It makes me want to be better and be a better teacher.  

The church is true and that’s all for this week.  Next week will be a full week of work and we'
re looking forward to finding new people to teach because we don’t really have anyone else that is progressing.  That’s all for this week, love you bye.

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