Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sleep hard. Work Harder........

Week one of this Transfer has already come and gone and it was a great week...It basically rained alllll week long and it actually got a little chilly and its kinda stayed a little chilly so that was nice. We went to The Leonesa again this week for a baptismal Interview. And well..... I might have gotten on top of the church to take a picture...... 

We really tried hard this week to find some new people and the truth is we found a few people that really do have some potential.. So we will see what we can do..... G and E are still going great. They are starting the long and painful Argentinean process to get married.... So maybe we will see them get baptized in a month or so if everything goes good.... But there son and his cousin are planning on getting married the 11 of April ( My birthday) so that will be fun.

 S is my hero. The woman literally carries her family. We saw earlier this week that she is kind of beat up by the world. And we could see here hope fading. We felt inspired to share the story of Joseph Smith when he was in jail for 5 months. And it got so hard that in his heart felt prayer he asks god where is he. And the great response. in verse 7 My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;

We helped her understand that this life is only but a small moment. and no matter what happens if we endure it well that there is a great reward at the end. She thanked us and told us that we are the answers to her prayers. I was very grateful for the experience and humbled too.  Helping others overcome these problems that I can't even imagine having has really opened my eyes. She still needs to get married before she gets baptized but well that the problem. But her daughters are planning for the 11 of April too :)

I love the mission more than Obama loves America..I'll tell you what.

Anyway yesterday we had Interviews. It was nice to talk to president Face to Face. He gave me some great advice and well helped me have a better vision of the person I can become. I just have to level up a little more.

So you probably have all seen the video of Jesus and the Resurrection.. Well we are using that as missionaries a ton right now. I carry a little DVD player around (don't tell the thugs) and we show it and its already helped us a ton.. The thing is powerful...

Anyways I hope you all enjoy conference because well I will.

Much Love

Elder Simmons

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