Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Elder Oaks

This week was crazy cool.. because first off I shook the hand of Elder Dallin H Oaks.... and you wanna know what he said to me.....Thank you Elder Simmons....he totally knows my name. We are homies..... But really Elder Oaks came to our mission and talked to our whole mission... That was cool cause well first off its a special witness of Jesus Christ and he radiates the spirit and second is that we met up as the whole mission so I took some pics with all the elders from the MTC and former companions :) Elder Oaks talked about the Revelation and how we can better recognize and receive it. He also talked about the Sabbath day and how to keep it Holy. It was super good i was taking notes faster than people are getting married at BYU....
As for the work this week... Well it was kinda slow because like I said last week that my companion left to do paper work, so i just chilling in the office for three days.. I don't think i had ever been more bored in my life... ( just because i said that im gonna get called to be an office elder) anyways we did work a little bit. We had service with Se, S's future husband... We have been working with him a ton trying to help him to come to church and little by little he is furthering himself from the Alcohol....  and well E and G are good. Except they dont want to get married and then dont want to break up either... But you cant just sit of the fence of commandments either....... But we are just gonna keep teaching doctrine and invite them to change... We are once again on the search for new investigators.. well the truth is when arent we searching for new investigators... the assistant to the president compared the missionary work now days like hunting when in the older days it was more of fishing......

So that's the life right now. This is that last normal week before transfers and im like 96 percent sure we will see some changes with companions or areas.. That will be nice something fresh..
We had our zone activity today... were the whole zone got together and played a little Frisbee and basketball and some of the elders stayed in our pench last night... I came up with the great idea to sleep on the roof under the stars and wow it was super fun... Even though the mosquitoes wanted me more than Returned missionaries want a eternal companion.
I love the work even though its hard... I feel like ive learned more for myself than ive taught but thats just the way it goes i guess :)
Elder Simmons

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