Monday, April 13, 2015

Birthday and Baptisms

Well this week couldn't have been better.... First off.... we had a consejo.. a big meeting for all the Zone leaders in the mission and the president of seminary came and talked to us on how we should better use seminary with the missionary work... And that night after the meeting we went straight to the seminary teacher in our ward.. and we told her we wanted to help... so the next day we woke up at five and went to seminary :) and we shared with the little group of 4 teenagers our testimonies of seminary and how it has helped us to grow in the gospel.

Friday we had the Baptismal interview for T and F and wow they were really excited. Saturday... my birthday, we woke up and whipped up some pancakes and then headed out to the Baptism.... It really is almost indescribable the feeling of a baptism... They were both really excited :) I had the opportunity to baptize F, the younger of the two :) After the baptism I shared a testimony of how I had always known the church was true but being able to be a part of an experience like the family of S really has strengthened my testimony of the gospel... The confirmations were wonderful too. The spirit was super strong.

  After we ate a few cupcakes and then headed to subway for a birthday lunch. 

It was actually nice not to think only about myself on my birthday.  ....

It’s a custom or culture here that when its someone’s birthday you kiss them on the cheeks.... But that’s a problem because welllll I’m and elder.... I spent most of my birthday dodging kisses, everyone was trying to kiss me... It was like high school all over again....

Sunday, we had met a few less actives in our area in the general conference.... and they told us were they lived and yesterday we went and visited them.. and well these people live in the middle of nowhere. We took a bus to an old racetrack..... that no one uses and then got off and started walking..... for 1 hour... and then eventually we found a little neighborhood....and all of the house were made of mud.... we shared with the family and then they said they are coming to church... wow an experience....

I’m good, I’m 19, the church is true... and Love you all.

Elder Simmons

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