Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Welllll this week was just dandy. I got up early 6 of the 7 days to do paper work...... and I can now officially say that I am LEGAL :) Now I can teach the part of lesson 5 in preach my gospel about living and following the law, without felling super guilty....... This week was pretty killer. We have been searching for a new fresh batch of investigators... and yes God answers prayers.. We found a young couple named A and M. They accepted the baptismal invitation and are reading the Book of Mormon, the only problem is that they didn't come to church......... but that’s OK because luckily we have church every single week. We also found a guy named R.. He lives alone and we are working with a member with him. A great guy and I think he has some serious potential.... E and G don’t really know if they want to get married and we are going to see what happens this week with the marriage of S and S.

This week Elder Oaks from the 12 apostles is coming to talk to us so that ought to be fun and interesting.   I've never seen one of the 12 apostles up close and personal.

My companion left me, and went with a bunch of other elders to get paper work done 12 hours away.... so I’m chilling for the next few days with Elder L, My companion in the MTC :) But I'm not going to lie I’m kind of bored. Not working kind of stinks like the sanja (sanja is the sewer system here in Argentina, or lack there of, it’s a trench between the side walk and the road )

I have heard about all the mission calls that my friends and family have gotten and it made me think of mine.. Which I got about a year ago... and how crazy is that........ and now here I am with 9 months in the mission and thinking.. where in the world did the time go. but luckily i still have a lot of mission in front of me and I'm super-duper grateful for that. Every day is a blessing and a adventure :)

Love y'all

Elder Simmons

To Eli:  Eli my mission is FABULOUS........ It has been the highlight of my life.

To Paige: I honestly can’t believe your almost a senior...... Where are our lives going ??? Congrats on first attendant at prom....Someone has to carry the Simmons name....  .... Anyways love you tons thanks for keeping me posted. Have a great week :)

To Logan: sounds like fun!! Dude you’re almost 16.... you can almost date....... that’s soooo weird to me . But wow and drive. Keep up the good work in soccer. Love you and miss you :)

To Thacker:  This week me and my companion got up early every single morning to do legal paper work.... and now my companion left me and is in the other side of Argentina soooo I’m chilling with elder L my companion from the MTC in the office of the mission for a few days..... so I’m kind of bored... I just want to work. But thanks for writing me dude!! I love you and miss you a ton :)

To Mom: Wow I honestly can’t believe it’s already been a year since I got my mission call..... My whole life I have just been kind of waiting for this part of my life... and now that it’s here it’s going by way to fast.. but o well that’s life.You guys were some of the first to see the inside of the Payson temple. Not going to lie I’m a little bit jealous... and that’s cool  you get to be tour guides for the VIP  tours. And it’s funny I went of divisions with the presidents assistant  and we used the same tactic; Short simple powerful sentences, and wow it works good and I continue to use it :)  Tell everyone hi for me!

To Dad: ya every night we call the district leaders in our zone and they give us a daily report... I'm really striving to be a better missionary..... I really do want people to come to Christ

.... but the work of salvation is not a work that is really fast and easy.. but it sure is fun

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