Thursday, April 9, 2015

General Conference

Well how but general conference eh??? Pretty good. I'm not going to lie usually I have just slept through it and tried not to let my parents see... But wow when you really listen with the intent to learn...... wow you learn quite a bitsy.. But really I loved the talks on Sunday of Jesus and his second coming. Wow how powerful was that... and about marriage on Saturday... I'm planning to be married in less than three months after the mission... It's my goal at least :)

This week was great.. It started out that I had divisions with Elder Skouson. The two of us were back in action..... He came here to our zone so we got to pass a little time together..... It's been another cooler week a little of rain so I've been super grateful for the great weather. The work is also great.... It looks like we are going to have a baptism this weekend of T and F... the two daughters of S... So I'm pretty excited for that. They made it out for the conference and I was praying the whole time that they would be touched by one of the talks that were given....  we are going to see them tonight so I guess I'll let you know next week haha...

We have been using the Thanks that He Lives video that the church made for Easter and I've been carrying around a little DVD player and this week I was on my toes the whole time just in case a sniper was right to swipe but luckily we were completely safe. 

Since our mission got a little smaller so our area got bigger..... We have a new area that is supppppeeerrr far from the pench and we went last Thursday and got to know it... Lots of work lots of it.... Lots of less active people and lots of potential. The only problem is we are short on time this week to go out there and work. On the Saturday sessions of general conference some less actives and they told us that they live in that part of the woods... or boonies whatever you want to call it... They live an hour away from the bus stop and right next to a race track... So looks like we are going to take a little walk... this week went by super fast because of conference.. We were in the church basically all Saturday and Sunday and then since the priesthood session didn't end till 11 o'clock here we stayed with the office elders since there apartment is 1 block from the church. A good ol sleep over.

For an experience this week: we made some plans with a member from our ward to go visit the investigators. Hno D he is like 60 and just waddles around.. But he loves to help us... We had to walk like a good 2 or 3 miles to the lesson and he walked it with us.... He a convert of 10 years and has a strong testimony..... we walked for like 1 hour to get to the lesson but he helped us a ton.. and really helped the investigators feel loved. I really am grateful for the strong members that are all over the world. Conference really reminded me that we are all in this together (High school Musical) in the work of the Lord preparing for his second coming and I'm soooooo grateful to be a member and to be serving a mission and to have the family that I have :)

Woot woot 19...... I'm not going to lie it doesn't quite feel like my birthday... its super different. But I'm not mad at all.. I'll eat some pancakes, and work and call it a good birthday :)  LOVE YOU GUYS TONS I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU::: ENJOY MY BIRTHDHAY AND ELI'S TOO.... :)

<3 Happy Easter! 
Happy Birthday Eli!!  

Elder Simmons 

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