Friday, May 8, 2015

5 De Mayo

Happy Independence Day Mexico. Shout out to Rafa..... And now that I
speak Spanish I can translate 5 de Mayo.... it actually means 5 of May
for all you English people..... You’re Welcome :)

This week was transfers.. But don’t worry I’m still in the same place with the same
dude... Woot road to 6 months with Elder Heaton. No really we are
excited. We have some great people and some serious potential. But how
crazy is it that its already May............. The time is going faster
than the relationships at BYU here on the mission. It’s been kind of a
weird week... I kind of hit a mid mission crisis where I
realized...... oh no this whole mission thing is going by a lot faster
than I would have wanted. But I guess that just life right.

This week was pretty good. We had stake conference but none of the
investigators came.  Elder Heaton and I set a goal to find 10 new
investigators and we worked our bums off to complete it... that
we did. Some really great people we’ve met and I have faith. This week we met a
girl that is studying English and she wanted us to teach her in
English.. So we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ in English. SUPER
WEIRD for me. Up to that point I had only thought missionary work existed in
Spanish.......... Anyway here’s a twist.....she atheist; a good
challenge. It was interesting to hear her beliefs and how sad it would
be to believe that there is no God. Also we met this guy that told us
to sit down and listen to us. So we did and he pulled out his
Geography book and said it was his bible... Then he started reading
random facts about random countries... Haha I love being a missionary

One thing I’m pretty convinced is that the mission will do more for me
than I will ever do for the people here....

Skype this week so yea :)

See ya soon
Elder Simmons

P.S. A cold front hit us the other Saturday and it’s been super super cold..60 degrees. 
A good break and I don’t know how I’ll ever live in Utah again.

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