Monday, December 29, 2014

yaaaaaaaaaaaaa christmassssssssssssss

Well the Christmas has come and gone with another great week of my mission. This week was really interesting because well we had to go back to the apartments early because of all the partying that goes on during the night.  We gathered up a bunch of fruit from the trees in the streets, limes and mangoes and we made smoothies until late into the night (or at least until we had to go to bed..... And I also bought a bunch of ice cream :) than other than that on Christmas we Skyped home which is always a good time and an emotional roller coaster... 

And then we also walked.............. a lot.

Christmas morning we walked my skype camera to the church for all the missionaries to use through the day and then headed out to a tiny neighborhood outside of our area, like a hour away from all civilization, to visit a less active and wow I have never been soooooo sweaty in my life.... Merry Christmas. No but really the feeling I had on Christmas was like none other. Serving the Lord felt soooo good and I wouldn’t have replaced it for anything. As for the work we are on a quest to find new investigators. They are out there... just like Martians.... but we just got to look hard and find them, and pray  a lot. This week is transfers and I have a funny feeling I’m going to leave this area.   We will see and that means that the trio is breaking up.... hahaha I learned lots from the trio.  Mostly how to share and patience.  I’m only a little way into my mission and the amount of things I have learned is more than I ever thought. 

 Love you. Read your scriptures. Count your blessings......

Elder Simmons

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