Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Well here we are the week before Christmas. I don’t feel like it’s Christmas at all...... But hey I get to talk to my family this week sooooo woot woot. Anyways this week has been really interesting. I’m in a trio of missionaries. One missionary finished his mission a little early so Elder Vergara needed a companion for 2 weeks so here we are rocking the trio like candy. My other companion is Elder Vergara he is super chill and he has been helping me tons with my Spanish..... Because well he speaks it perfectly.  He’s from Spain so that’s cool. 

And a side note I was thinking that maybe some of you think that imp super super fat and it’s not true I’m just....... well filled in the empty spaces with cookies and stuff :) Anyways this week was really interesting because we have 2 areas.   We work 2 days in one Area and then switch. I am loving it!  It’s like a party all the time, never a dull moment. 

The work is good. We have been looking lots lately and trying to find new people to teach. And I have got to know a lot of new people from the other area too. Its interesting to see all of them in their quest for the salvation. We also had a Christmas choir yesterday and ya I sang. You have a problem with that??? and a drunk guy showed up and would yell after every song 'Amen' and ' How beautiful your voice' it was sad but also kind of funny. It really kept things lively. Other than that it’s been the usual. And I absolutely love it. Transfers are next week and that will really be interesting because I have quite a bit of time here in Clorinda sooooo we will see what happens.
Well it’s Christmas and that means lots of things. But if I could give a suggestion it would be hug someone you love. And also be thankful for Jesus Christ. With these two things will go a long way.  I’m going to hug my companions and Pray hard this Christmas.  Merry Christmas!!


P.S.  This is a picture of a paper temple my old district leader gave to me

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