Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The weekend of my mission

That might be bad to say that this last week was the like a weekend
off, but it kind of was. I went to a city named Cordoba. It’s huge. It’s like 6 times bigger than Salt Lake. It really was a blessing to get to go and see a little more of Argentina. Cordoba was sooooooooo pretty.  
It looked like the United States. I couldn’t believe I was in Argentina except for the fact everyone spoke
Spanish. It was 15 hours in a bus overnight,  the next night we stayed in a hotel in downtown. Then 15 hours back the next day :) 

The reason I went is because well I’m an American and I’m in the middle of Argentina and I don’t have legal documents. So I went to jail in Cordoba..... no I’m kidding I went to do some legal documents. 

BUUTTTT what happened is that I went
and got my finger prints when I first got here in the mission and then I went to Cordoba to do a little more paper work..... But my finger prints expired.... sooo I kind of went for no reason.... But hey I got to see the Cordoba temple :) super pretty. 

It’s not quite finished but I heard that they are going to dedicate it in May. I say that this week was like a weekend because well all I did is napped..... in the bus.... in the hotel... because we weren't allowed to leave. But it was super fun.

I am a full time missionary soo I did do a little something ;)
this week actually was really good for the amount of time we had in
the area. We found some super prepared people and we are working really hard with a few people that are super close to getting baptized. Oh and its suuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppeeeeeeeerrrrrr hot.....
 (Christmas decorations from the family)

I’m loving my mission more and more every day. You know the trip to Cordoba was fun and all.... but there is nothing like going to bed after a looong day in the sun knowing that you did everything you could today to help people recognize the importance of Jesus Christ in their lives. And the nice thing is the more I help people realize that.... the more I realize it too. I’m just doing everything I can. Sometimes we don’t always see the success but God does. It’s
really weird I feel like I saw you guys like last week. Sure we are
thousands of miles away but I really do feel like you guys are just right next to me always :) Thank you for being the best.
 There is no way that this church isn’t true. Thanks for everything and 
love you guys. 

<3 Elder Simmons

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