Monday, December 15, 2014

Dreaming of a White Christmas—

Wow this week was a dream. Also very very very hot but wow a dream :)
It was also the fastest week of my life. We had a baptism of the two
coolest kids in the world.

 Except for my brothers and sister they might be a little cooler. Elian and Luciana. I had the opportunity to baptize them.
Luciana bought a lil skirt for here baptism and Elian found a white shirt and tie to wear :´)
Everything went perfect. And the Branch was very helpful so what more can you ask for.  Yesterday they received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and became official members of the church... And wow I think I have been smiling for the last two days straight. The two kids are more converted to the church than me. They both want to be missionaries too.
On top of the baptism this week was also really good.
We worked our bum bums off. Actually that’s a lie, I’m gaining weight...... Well I’m gaining an extra layer of Spiritual protection I like to say :) Satan can’t get through my Testimony and a nice layer of cushion ;) I’m also getting a little more chest hair. Anyways that’s way of tract sorry.

I just love to work every single day gets better. This next week we are going to search like no ones else’s business to find more people that are ready to hear the gospel because I know they are out there.

This Christmas season we have to great opportunity to think about what Jesus did for us. And we can also reflect one what we did for Jesus this year.
And then the great thing is after Christmas we have New
Years and we have the great opportunity to set new goals and do better :) I’m pumped for this Christmas I think it will be the best on yet ............ read your scriptures because it’s good for you!

Love you all

Elder Simmons

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