Monday, January 5, 2015


Well I got transferred from Clorinda to Resistencia. I had to say goodbye to Clorinda... I’ll admit it was pretty hard. But I’ll go where the Lord tells me. I’m going to miss some of the families there buuuuuttt I’ll see them in the celestial kingdom instead. 
Resistencia is on the opposite side of the mission and the opposite in size. Resistencia is a little smaller than Salt Lake but much hotter of course, and a lot more people to teach. Lots of things are different. I’m in a ward of like 100 people now with a bishop and everything. I’m also 2 blocks away from a super market and not 20 minutes and it’s a lot more people in our area...... but lots of them and Evangelists... and Catholics.... and they don’t want to change. But there are prepared people out there. I basically went from working in comparison to  Salem to right outside of Salt Lake City downtown.    We got white washed in with basically nothing. So we literally have been talking with everyone we see. I also have a new companion Elder Heaton. He’s a great guy and super humble. I’m learning lots. Sooo this week was pretty interesting because we got to our Apartment on Wednesday night, which was huge. And we were told we had to move Thursday morning.... But Thursday morning was the new year and there was absolutely no one in the streets....... until we found a guy with his horse and wagon.... So ya we moved everything from a random guy with his horse and wagon.... hahaha oh Argentina.

But at least it was pretty cheap :) and fun fact... this is the only year of my life 2015 where I’ll be a missionary for the whole year. So wish me luck........... Life is good, the sun is hot, and the gospel is true and I miss you. Wow shout out to my poetry. I’ve got to run because well I’m a missionary and I have a schedule.   I hope all of you have the greatest of days :)

Elder Simmons

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