Monday, December 1, 2014


Hello friend’s family and people that care about me. First off thanks for the prayers they really do help... a lot. This week was bomb. We probably clapped more houses this week than ever before in my entire life. And boy o boy did we find a lot of people. One thing I learned this week is that the Lord will always lead us to prepared people... Some more prepared than others.  It’s our job to prepare them even more. We then invite them to act on their agency. This week we found some crazy evangelicos, the people are wack from that church. Yesterday a girl started yelling scriptures at us and then told us she has power to raise the dead........ No,  and then after she was like thanks for the spiritual experience.... It’s funny what some churches think is the spirit, because they don’t preach doctrine they dont have the spirit and because they don’t have the spirit they use scare tactics and yelling to substitute it... LOL NO. But then we also found a few super prepared people this week too.

Here are a few things interesting from this week. Thursday I forgot my name tag in the apartment and didn't realize until we were literally in a pueblito outside of Clorinda aka like an hour and a half away. I got a piece of cloth and wrote my name on it and well it seemed legit. No one asked me about it haha. O and Elder Skouson and I are having a great time out here in the mission field because we both have the same amount of time in the mission so understanding people perfectly is like a puzzle only in black and white. We are learning in suuuupppper fast.
Its sooo weird to see Christmas trees here because it feels nothing like Christmas. hahah and Thanksgiving looked like a bowl of gumbo.... a little bit of everything.  I ate one of the stuffing that you sent me the night of Thanksgiving and called it good. Then I thanked Heavenly Father for you guys in my prayer :) I’m not gonna lie it doesn’t feel like the holidays. It feels like it is still summer. I don’t know if that’s because the mission is soooo fast or because its sùupppperr hot... but one of the two. 

The baptism fell through because the kids couldn't come to church :( soooo next week. Yesterday was the first Sunday in like a month we didn't have people in church. But it’s their salvation and agency.
 Looky here peeps. I really do know this church is true and I’m so thankful for it. I really don’t know where I would be without it. First off I wouldn't be in Clorinda.  I’m grateful for my family and for everyone really. I’m just a big ball of gratefulness right now :)  Love and Peace and food.

<3 E Simmons

p.s. I get to go to Cordaba a city outside my mission that i heard is super pretty to do legal paper this week so I’m pretty pumped....
Multi Zone Conference

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