Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It was hot this week. I’ll start with that. Yesterday it was like 95 with what felt like 100 percent humidity. I was swimming in my own sweat. It’s kind of funny cause all the people here just take all of their clothes of when it gets hot. buuuut that’s not an option for missionaries. This week we traveled to a little town called Laguna Blanca for a district meeting. The church there is tiny. Like 20x20 feet and the baptismal font is out back in a little pool looking thing you get from Walmart but smaller. We passed a huge banana plantation on our bus ride there so we decided to buy some bananas. I hate to say it but the bananas in America are fake. The bananas here are a thousand times better. But enough about bananas. Oh and my one month mark in Argentina was two days ago....!!! wooh I celebrated by working all day. Really  the happiest  I am on my mission, is when I lay down at night knowing that I sweated and worked my heart out. 
We had a cool experience this week we started talking to this old lady out in front of her house. And she had told us that her husband twenty years ago had talked to the missionaries. But had since then passed away. But last night she was cleaning some old boxes and found his Book of Mormon. She thought it was "ironic" that the missionaries had shown up the next day. HAhaha. Ya the Lord is definitely preparing the people, they just need to accept it. 
We also did some service this week. We cut down a ton of what is like poison ivy around an outhouse. And I’ve never been so itchy in my life after. 
We also found this other family, the Simbroms, and they are way cool. The dad hates the church but other than that, they are way cool. They invite us over for lunch once a week and we eat and play volleyball, which is really big here.   It had rained super hard the day we had went and so we were soaked and muddy but it was sooooooooo fun. The mission really is the greatest. I really do know that this church is true. And that God does really here our prayers. I think we don’t really think about how big of a blessing that can be. Anyways pray because it’s good.

The picture of me and the thing tied to the telephone wire... Ya that’s a frog someone tied to a string and got stuck up there hahahaha so of course I took a pic.
The other is the sunrise from the Zone leaders apartment. When I went on splits with a native speaker Elder Santana from Ecuador. I didn’t speak English for like 27 hours.
Until next week.
Elder Simmons

Q. Where do you go for general conference? Do you get to see it next week or will it be delayed for you?
A. we go to the church. They are going to broadcast it in Spanish and English. So I’ll probably get to watch it in English and it will just be live but three hours difference.
Q. What's your favorite part about the people in Argentina?
A. The people of Argentina are generous especially given how poor they are. They will feed a missionary till his pant pop off even if it’s half their weekly income, but don’t worry I realize this and so I limit what i eat. And plus I don’t want to be fat. But ya they will give you everything.
Q. Have you seen a small improvement in Spanish?
A. I haven’t experienced and big clicks like people say, but I have been noticing little ones. Right now I’m a thousand times better than the MTC but I still have a lot to go. By end of next transfer ( 7 weeks from now) I think I should really be getting a hold of it.
Q. Have you eaten any cool fruit?  I just ask this because President Franco posted a picture of a ginormous mango tree on IG the other day.
A. As for crazy fruit I’ve seen some. I haven’t tried it because it’s expensive.  I did eat this root thing that taste like potato. Once I figure out the name you can google it.  
Q. Where do you do your laundry?
A. as for the laundry hahahahahaha i do it in the shower on p-days while I’m showering than I hang it up to dry outside on the neighbors clothes line.... hahaha it’s a little rough but hey its life.

Please if you have more questions ask. I want to include as much info about things that happen here it’s just hard to fit a whole week into an hour on the computer.

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