Monday, September 1, 2014



What’s up?  I’m in Argentina. Right at this exact moment I’m sitting in a store where you rent computers and it’s like 90 degrees inside the building in the shade. The computer is telling I’m spelling everything wrong because it’s in English :) Please excuse my spelling. I’ll start from last Monday. We woke up at 5:30 and took our suitcases to a semi-truck along with all the other 200 missionaries going to Argentina. Then we actually took the UTA bus up to the Airport. I passed out a few pass along card and started doing work. So then we fly to Atlanta. We flew right over Payson and I actually saw my house..... that was weird. Then at the Atlanta airport it was crazy! There were thousands of peeps everywhere. There is actually a train inside the Atlanta airport. Its funny everyone looks at your name tag then hurries and looks away, or if they are members they come right up and talk to you. After that a 10 hour flight to Buenos Aires that was over night. On that plane I talked to a pasture from another church. And it was then I realized just how bad my Spanish actually is. We were then dropped off at the Buenos Aires temple and  fed us some Empanadas. Nothing like the Taco Bell Ones. Taco bell is so much better. Anyways we couldn’t go in the temple but we took some pictures on the outside. It’s decently big. Oh ya when I got to Buenos Aires it was like 40 degrees outside....... But since then it’s slowly heated up now it’s like 100 with humidity. Then we took the coolest bus ride of my life. Buenos Aires is crazy. 90 percent of it is apartment building and your typical third world country house. And everyone and I mean everyone sells vegetables and meat out of there house. It’s the same way here. People don’t have rules when they drive here and pedestrians don’t have the right of way. Next we got to the next Airport in Buenos Aires and had a 7 hour layover and then took a plane to Resistencia. We got to Resistencia at about 11 PM where we meet the president for ten minutes then was bused to a hotel right next to the Mission home. We woke up the next morning and had some orientation about money and not getting bit by dogs. Then we met our trainers,  my trainer is honestly perfect for me.  My prayers were answered. His name is Elder Harris he’s from Highland and he actually worked with Quinn Frehner (friend from high school)  before the mish. He’s been out a year and a half. He plays baseball....... But has since repented..... JK. Then we got on another bus for 6 hours and took a bus ride to Clorinda.   Clorida is a little town right next to the border of Paraguay. You can actually see the Temple in Paraguay but we aren’t allowed to go :( Anyways after the 6 hour bus ride we got off the bus and I received great news that they lost one of my bags......... But don’t worry they found it and are charging me 70 pesos because THEY lost my bag.
We were white washed into our area (which means we are both new to the area)  we literally don’t know anyone so we have been meeting members and contacting. The way you knock on doors here is you clap outside the house. The thing here is people literally don’t do anything. The sit around all day and drink Mate which is an herbal tea. Oh and people don’t brush their teeth either. They just let them fall out and rot. We get allot of excuses why they don’t want to listen but we have had about 8 or so good lessons this first half week. Although my Spanish is bad so I only participate for about 10 percent of the lesson. But I’ve learned so much Spanish in the four days. We actually have a baptism this Saturday. We have 2 or 3 good investigators. Our apartment is  gross.   Mold on every wall. Bugs everywhere. Poop all over the toilet.  Ya idk what the missionaries did to make it so dirty??  Elder Harris and I have been cleaning like crazy and it’s actually bearable. We have AC and a water heater so maybe I shouldn’t complain. Church is so different but exactly the same. There are two deacons and 2 priests.  I’m in Clorinda branch 2 and there are about 55 or so people that are active.  The food is alright but super greasy.  For a spiritual experience we prayed which less active member to go talk to and we felt like we needed to talk to a man named Hermano Gonzalez. Turns out he is really struggling and is going blind and his mom died. He was praying to God asking him why this was all happening. Then we showed up and my trainer really did a good job and taught the plan of salvation. That was really cool and I’m so glad to be out here. I’m not going to lie its super hard, but at the end of the day you’re just really happy and realized you’re exactly where you should be. 
Love you guys

Dad hello!!!! The roads here are all dirt and the sewer is a river along every road and trash is everywhere with about 10 stray dogs every block. That’s what the streets are like. And I've realized how much I miss you guys and soccer. And you’re right this week has been hard but I’ll get the hang of it. Tell president Utchdorf hello for me and tell him I’m doing just great. I pray for you guys every night and every morning. Your really are the best dad I could ask for. I really mean it.

Love you

Elder Simmons

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