Monday, September 8, 2014


Hi family I would just like to say I love you guys all sooooo much. I miss you guys like crazy.  I know see the importance of families now that I’ve been gone for this long. We are so blessed the have the family we do. Paige, Logan now that you are teenagers, I know it’s fun to hang with friends. But spend more time with you family. Because once you are gone from home you won’t really miss you friends you miss your family. Trust me I know. And so do mom and dad they tried telling me but I didn’t listen that well. But know that I love each and every one of you. Send me some pics of what’s happing in your lives pleeeeaaassseee :) We had a family home evening here and we played the game where you cut the flour. Everyone loved it, so thanks!

 Paraguay in the background, on the other side of the river

 "repping Thacker's flag"

 typical Argentina road

Well this week has been interesting to say the least. Our baptism didn’t go through. Because well how do I put this. She’s a girl. And she had a rough "week". But we should be good to go for this Saturday. It’s been raining like crazy here. The other night while we were out teaching it started pouring beyond belief. The roads all turned to lakes and we had to pretty much swim in mud all the way home. But luckily when it’s raining people feel bad for us so they let us in. And they give us food. Oh I saw a drunk guy pass out and smash his face on the side walk. And I saw a fight in the street that involved a fence post. We found a lot of good people this week in our area. One thing about Argentinians, they are Ultra lazy. So we find all these good people but then we go by to teach them and they are either asleep or out at "campo" which pretty much means they go out in the middle of nowhere and do illegal things. I’m not going to lie it was a rough week.  I love it out here. Every night I go to bed pumped to be doing the stuff I’m doing and every morning I wake up and feel like I got hit by a train. But it’s all good things will pick up. Oh funny story so we were teaching this lady in here shack one day about the first vision.  My companion had explained the first few points then it’s my turn and as soon as I start talking the lady just dies and starts laughing her head off. She tells my companion that she can’t understand me and she just tells my companion just to talk hahahahaha. My confidence is overflowing right now when it comes to Spanish. But it’s all good because I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I just need to work harder and things will start to work out. All the girls here whistle when  Elder Harris and I  walk down the street because well we are white. But really the other day we were talking and we said that we might be some of the very first white people these people have ever seen. It’s crazy.

 If I’ve learned anything so far on my mission is just that the gospel gives so much guidance in our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to see that in the Utah bubble. But seriously there are people that are wandering strange paths, looking for something. We have exactly what they need. We are honestly blessed to have the knowledge we do of our Savior and Gods plan for us here on earth. It gives a perspective that keeps us striving to get to the end of that straight and narrow path.

Elder Simmons

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