Monday, September 22, 2014


Well another week. This week was filled with a lot of work. And for those of you that are confused I do still have my toes. Well I think. Anyway this week we invited 9 people to church and none of them showed up. That was a bit hard but hey it’s their eternal salvation not mine. JK but really. We also gave out some blessing this week. That was really interesting. There was this  one lady that had been sick for 22 days. She had mold growing in her mouth from all the throw up. After the blessing the next day she had the strength to get up and go to the hospital. Power of the priesthood is real if you didn’t know. We also had an Asado this week. AKA a barbaque. This family bought 1500 pesos of meat. That’s about 2 weeks of their income for the kids’ birthday. They invited us cause well we’re the missionaries. They honestly treated us like it was our birthday. I felt bad but I ate like there was no tomorrow. I also tried Morsillo (aka blood sausage, literally just fried blood) It was interesting. Can’t say I like it. 

One thing about Argentina is people really only eat one meal. And just snack throughout the day. They eat a huge lunch and that’s it. I actually kind of like it, gives us more time to teach. A funny thing about here in Argentina is everyone wears shirts with English words. It’s like the style, but nobody knows English. So the shirts will literally just have random words. hahahaha like ´hat happened while chicken nuggets´....... People always ask me to translate it and I’ll just make something up. And on the weekend people have nothing to do so they will just get absolutely wasted on beer, every drunk wants to talk to us. They either want to tell us how spiritual they are and show us their bible, or they want are money. It is actually kind of sad to see people like that. We are blessed to have the word of wisdom. We also had a mullti zone meeting this week. We had to wake up at 3 in the morning and take a bus to a different town. Elder Gonzalez of the 70 talked to us about the importance of the Book of Mormon.  Today I walked down the border road of Argentina and Paraguay. You can actually see Asuncion.  We played soccer today.  I’m not as good as I was in high school but I still embarrassed a few elders. I’m not gonna lie. Liars are thrust down to hell. It’s says it in 2 Nephi somewhere if you are wondering. This week Elder  Harris and I have been working with a lot of nonmembers, and we have been teaching a lot about the sacrament. The sacrament is a sacred ordinance. And next time you take it listen carefully to the sacrament prayer. Anyway mission life is treating me well. Haven’t gotten bitten by a dog, I love my companion; I have food to eat and a bed to rest, and people to teach. Life is pretty good. I’m just trying to soak this whole thing in and not just let it pass me by.
That was either cheesy or really deep. You can decide. Till next week.

Elder Simmons

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