Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Day Another Dollar

So it was a good week. They messed up on my toenail surgery and they just took off the whole toe. I got nubs now. It's all good it doesn't hurt as bad now. Anyways the doc said to take 2 weeks break. Which if you know anything about missionary work that's impossible. Just a random fact,  the hospitals here are completely free (because of the government) and we walked in there was blood all over the floor people yelling and running. It was quite an experience.  Instead we took a taxi everywhere...... It costs a lot but at least we can still work. I had been praying lots that I could have a quick recovery. And usually if you have faith it works out, which it did. I was back to normal after 2 days. The baptism went through!!!!!  Woooot woot. That was cool. It really is cool to see the joy that this gospel brings to others and families. Carolina, the girl that was baptized, was the last person in her family to be baptized. Now the family has a goal to be sealed in the temple. Other than that the week has been a little slow, because of my toes, or lack thereof. I would like to give a shout out to my dad. Because I know how to cook popcorn because of him and every single night when we get back we cook up some popcorn, kick back and watch a movie. And by movie I mean the District. (a video about missionaries) Living the high life. As for what the food is like here it's interesting. Every meal you can possible make here consists of about 7 or so foods. Rice, chicken, beef, bread, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, and  eggs. It's usually always pretty tasty. As for the best thing I've eaten here was some Barbeque chicken, and last night we had Guiso. Which is pretty much just rice and meat. Elder Harris made it and it was the best thing I've eaten in two months. The sketchy thing about the food here is definitely that meat, because they don't really refrigerate it, and if they do its very little. I am literally protected by the Lord so it's all good--plus I have some vitamin c chewable pills. Clorinda is as crazy as always. Today we just walked down the main street. There are hundreds of street vendors and thousands of people all trying to get somewhere. I love it. That's been pretty much my week, oh and we saw a horse fight this morning.

Elder Harris and I have really been trying to teach with the Spirit this week. I would like to say it's the only way to go. We met a man, Jose. He is pretty far off the straight and narrow but he loves his family. Anyways we had an amazing lesson about the plan of salvation. You could see him change. It really is amazing. I guess missions are just pretty cool. I'm starting to get a little settled in. As for the Spanish.. HAHAHAAHH I'm still working on that.  People make fun of my Spanish, but they are usually pretty chill to us. Although they all stare haha. We have a few members that feed us every week but sometimes we have to eat just rice. And we teach anywhere from 7-20 lessons a week. Just depends

 Well much peace and love from the middle of nowhere in Argentina..
Elder Simmons

PS I still have my toes.

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