Monday, October 6, 2014


Hello ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, it’s been another good week south of the equator. This week we only had like 2 full days to work due to conference, paperwork, weddings, and baptisms but we saw some miracles in those two days we did work. So there is this Senora (for those of you that don’t speak Spanish that means old lady.) Anyways she was really sick, her side has been hurting for years now.  We gave her a blessing and in the blessing it was said that God was calling for her to return to his fold.  Anyways fast forward two or three days.  We go back to talk to her and it turns out that her husband that had passed away about 12 years ago(and had just got his temple work done,
by a daughter that’s a member), had come to her in a dream and said that if she wanted her side to be healed, that she should listen to the missionaries....... so she had told us that and then we just bore our testimonies of the truthfulness of this gospel.  The spirithit harder than macklemore 'the heist' album hit junior highs. Sorry if you don’t understand that metaphor. The spirit hit hard! that’s what I’m getting at. But then she didn't come to church....................................... it’s so hard to see people needing the gospel so much and then just simply blow it off.  Especially as good as conference weekend, dang agency.

Anyways we got to go into Resistencia this last week so I can actually be in Argentina legally, and we went to Walmart!!!! I felt like I was in the states again <3 I bought some peanut butter because it’s the only place you can buy that. 

 The Simmons family has a tradition, where we eat crepes every Sunday morning of general conference, and just cause I’m thousands of miles away doesn't mean I’m breaking that tradition. So i made some, but they turned out more like 'craps' than 'crepes', really they were awful.   They were awful. hahahah I don’t know what was wrong but it looked like overcooked oat meal and tasted worst. But it made our pension smell good.

Wasn’t conference great. I got a lot out of it. One thing that really stood out to me is when some dude was praying and he said 'we thank you for Joseph Smith, and all he did for eternity.
I would just like to bear testimony that I know Joseph Smith is a prophet that was called of God. And that he did restore this gospel once again in these later days that it will never be taken off the earth again. Not to get all heavy but I know that Jesus Christ is coming again so let us prepare the runway for his second coming for the fullness of his glory. Wow I just love this gospel. I love being a missionary. I love Spanish. I love my family, and my friends, and well everyone. Like the prophet said the essence of this gospel is love.
Well PEACE and LOVE until next week.........

<3 Elder Simmons

 Q.  What's been your interaction with the mission president so far?
A.  Interactions with the mission president. I had an interview with
him the first day I got here. Then he stopped by our pension on time
just to see how it’s going. Other than that I have shaken his hand 5 or
6 other times. President Franco is one of the most loving men I know,
In that little time we have talked I’ve felt it.

Q. Do you teach on Sundays?
A. after 6 on Sundays we work for a good three hours like every other day.

Q. What's the best way you've found to contact investigators?
A. I think the best way to find people is to go talk to people just
sitting outside drinking mate, or references from members. Mostly just
talking with everyone.

Q. Do you have a lot of inactive families?
A. We could honestly focus our whole mission here on just less active families
But the thing is they all heave a reason they aren’t going to church so
it’s hard to get them back. Most of them are offended by another
person. But like someone said in conference they stopped doing the
Gospel basics.

Q. What do people do for work in Clorinda?
A. Everything. everyone pretty much runs a little store out of there
house. a lot of the men are construction workers. there are  thousands
of little shops downtown people work at. Also there is this thing
called campo, its where people go harvest bananas in the middle of no
where or other such fruit.

Q. Was conference in English or Spanish for you?
A. i watched the very first session in Spanish. But to
tell you the truth I didn't really understand a lot. So me and some of
the other white missionaries, got on the computers in the church and
watched it in English and that was a lot better

I actually love these little questions. Cause here a lot of things that
are so normal to me that you probably want to know. Anyways I love you

guys stay safe. Love you mom. Thank you for everything.

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