Wednesday, August 27, 2014

From the Mission President

    Wednesday, August 27, 2014 

Dear Simmons Family,

Sister Franco and I are pleased to inform you that Elder Simmons arrived in La Gran Misión Argentina Resistencia this evening.  We welcomed him to the mission, ate lunch and let him rest. Today we had a small briefing of the fun facts and necessary information about the mission.  After that he met his new companion, Elder Elder Harris and they headed off for their area called Clorinda 6 in the province of Formosa.              

A mission is a wonderful experience filled with challenges and successes that strengthens the testimony of each missionary.  A great support that you as a family can give your son during his mission is uplifting letters.  In addition to using email, you can send letters to the office address:

Élder Tanner Simmons
Misión Argentina Resistencia
Entre Ríos 435
Resistencia Chaco CP 3500

 You may also send letters (and only letters taped shut; no envelopes) via the ¨pouch¨:
                                                               Élder Tanner Simmons                                             Misión Argentina Resistencia                                     POB 30150                                                         Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

It will be our privilege to work closely with Elder Simmons here in Argentina.  We are blessed to have him join us in this mission to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for sharing your son with us. 


President Rodolfo C. Franco

Misión Argentina Resistencia

....and then from Tanner

Simmons Family
Hey whats up?  Made it to my mission at like 11 at night after 3 different flights.  Afgentina is absolutely crazy.  It's nothing like Payson.  There are people everywhere.  Millions of sketchy houses and apartments, two airports.  We visited the temple, didn't go in but I took some pics.  It's freezing in Argentina right now, like 50 degrees but I'm glad.  It's better than 130.  Anyways, I handed out pass along cards in the airport in my awful broken Spanish.  I figured out my espanol is even worse than I thought.   After getting 5 hours of sleep in some random hotel we were taken to the mission home.  We got some rules, money, trainers and what not.  My trainer is Elder Harris.  That's all I really know.  I don't know where or what to do.  Anyways log you guys.  Hopefully I'll be able to talk to you soon.  Paige good luck with soccer.  Same with you Thacker, Eli and Logan.  Talking to you guys on the phone was harder than I thought.  Anyways I love and miss you guys like crazy.  Thanks again for everythin mom and dad.  Tell grandma hi too. 

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