Monday, March 2, 2015

something clever

Well another week and a really wet week.... Lots of rain which means lots of humidity, which means lots of sweat. It was a great week. Unfortunately no one made it out to church this week.  We had some really spiritual lessons. One was one morning I read the talk that Elder Ballard gave last spring about following up. It really hit home with me and I am dedicated to follow up better. We were talking with one of our investigators and he read 3 Nephi 11. We followed up  with him and he actually had some really great questions that obviously came from the spirit. And he opened up and accepted the invitation to be baptized. Also with G and E we are continuing to read the Book of Mormon with them and it really is working small changes and miracles in their lives..... E we had taught how to fast. She fasted for a 8 hours and told us that she could really feel the spirit stronger in her life. You know I learned a lot this week about how this really is the work of the Lord and that He has so much to do with it.  Sometimes we are too hardhearted to see it.   I have learned so much about patience in the last few transfers I've  gone from road ranger to someone that likes to watch Nascar. I hope that made sense. It did to me at least. This week we had divisions and I went with Elder Condori from Lima Peru... We found a less active person randomly just knocking doors. We read the Book of Mormon and then she came to church this week. I don't completely understand it but the Book of Mormon has the power to change lives. This week we also had our zone activity. We got together as a zone and we played a little basketball and ping pong. and I'm not afraid to say it that I've still got it. A few random facts for the fun of it...... Yesterday I found a kid in the street that had a Utah Jazz hat....... ya Utah jazz. After I picked up my jaw from the dirt road I told the kid I was from that state and we had a great little conversation about the gospel later. I also saw some old grown men getting drunk to the soundtrack of high school musical too. hahah I had to chuckle a little bit.  I thank everyone for their prayers and thank you for whoever fasted for me I could feel it so strong yesterday. The work marches on like a marching band. The church is true I really do not have any doubts of that and I'm so blessed to be serving here in Argentina. Love you all!

Elder Simmons

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