Tuesday, March 17, 2015

8 months ha

Fairly interesting week; I'll say that. Awkward, sad, and miraculous. I'll start out with the awkward...... I was on divisions and we were contacting a l bit to see if we could find anyone to teach..... we clapped our hands outside the house ( because that's how the elders roll here in Argentina) and a kid came out and looked at us with a super weird expression on his face something between he wanted to eat us and he wanted to run away....... He let us in and we started teaching him... And this whole time I was thinking wow he looks really familiar. And then I realized half way through the lesson that it was the DUDE that robbed me............... then well it was a little awkward. We finished the lesson and while my companion said the closing prayer I prayed with all my heart that he didn't stab me.... and he didn't but I don't think we are going to go back for a second lesson... and I didn't have the nerves to ask for my stuff back........

The sad is that as you Probably already heard is that a Sister passed away in our mission this week. It was a humbling week. With fasting and lots of prayers.. I don't know all the story but I do know she got sick from the food here. I also know that God has a plan for each and every one of us and that her mission is a little different from others.  I did have the chance to meet her and she was a hard working Missionary and she went through a lot.. she endured to the very end. And we know that Jesus Christ overcame the death and that all of us one day will be able to do the same. It stings now but someday we will understand so much more.

The miracles we saw  this week is with our investigator S. We were in the lesson and I felt impressed to ask her if she knows the Book of Mormon is true..... And she said yes and so we asked her why.... She then told us a story of the night before arrived. She was up late praying her heart out because she didn't know what to do. She felt sooo alone and she wanted more than anything that her Boyfriend stops drinking..... She asked for God's help and to show her some sort of sign of what she should do.... The next day we knocked on her door. And she told us for that reason she know that it's true. God sent us to her house. I'm am so grateful and humbled to be part of a miracle like this. And I know God guided us to her house too. And know we are going to help her family become members of the Lords kingdom.

You know I was thinking that  its true I haven't had loads of baptisms like others but I would have served a mission even if I knew from the very beginning that I would have 0 baptisms. The person I am becoming is something that is necessary. I feel so blessed.

Well the mission continues on and its gets crazier and crazier every day, and its flying by,  and its unexplainable in a good way.

Anyways with lots of love from the bottom of my sun burnt face and my sweaty feet :)

Elder Simmons

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